The 25 Best Seeds For Minecraft 1.17

Are you looking for the best seeds for Minecraft version 1.17 – 1.17.1? You will probably find your happiness among the 25 seeds for Minecraft that you can discover in this article.

The update of the Nether having brought a lot of content in this dimension, we indicate you for the first seeds the location of points of interest if you borrow a portal of the Nether near your spawn point.

These seeds will only work on Minecraft Java Edition.

EDIT: These seeds work fine for Minecraft 1.17.

Best Seeds For Minecraft 1.17

An elongated mushroom island

mushroom island

This is perhaps one of the most unique seeds on this list. The main attraction is the point of appearance, you start on a huge island of mushrooms in the form of a long bank. This is a rare biome, whose appeal lies in the fact that monsters will not appear there. There is also a ruined portal on this island that will allow you to collect loot easily.

So it’s a very safe place to build your base. From here you will find a cold ocean with beautiful icebergs, a mountain biome, and another ruined portal. There is also a wreck stuck in an iceberg that looks awesome. If you go even further, you’ll find a desert biome with a pyramid, as well as a very large desert village that spans a few mountains! There is even snow here, as it has mixed with the mountain biome.

The Nether is pretty interesting if you head to the portal near your appearance point. You will find all the biomes you want within a reasonable distance from each other. You can also find a remnant fortress and bastion nearby if you want to explore them!

  • Ruined Portal : -325 66 372
  • Ruined gate n°2: -1119 73 686
  • Shipwreck : -1420 72 947
  • Pyramid : -1509 74 1226
  • Nether :
    • Fortress: 78 53 -466
    • Bastion remnant: -284 73 229
Seed code 2332439756294123069
Version Minecraft 1.17

Many biomes from the spawn point

multiple biomes and mesas

If you want a variety of biomes nearby, then this is the seed for Minecraft for you! There’s a swamp, a dark forest, a mesa, and a desert biome right near the point of appearance. The mesa is absolutely huge, and it contains at least three spider generators outside! You’ll also find numerous storage wagons on tracks all around the area. You may even see some villagers not too far from the apparition point.

  • Ruined gate: 38 70 347
  • Pyramid: 100 65 298
  • Mine: 195 64 244
  • Village : -510 64 439
  • Village n°2: 688 64 -186
  • Nether :
    • Bastion remnant : -78 91 204
    • Fortress : -777 61 245
Seed code 9058136630944956755
Version Minecraft 1.17

Jungle and jungle temple

jungle and temple

In this seed, you appear directly in a rather large jungle biome. On top of that, you will find a temple nearby. There are a few varied biomes not too far away, and you will find a few villages, as well as a birch forest with a ravine to exploit. If you create a Nether portal near the point of appearance, you will find a lot of interesting things. There is a valley of sand souls, two fortresses, a basalt delta, a birch forest and a bastion remnant!

  • Jungle temple: 149 66 62
  • Village : -264 64 -267
  • Village n°2: 148 62 -993
  • Nether :
    • Nether Fortress: 126 64 155
    • Nether Fortress #2: 299 58 -67
    • Bastion remnant : -133 58 -237
Seed code 2301921242093702527
Version Minecraft 1.17

Savannah biome and raider outpost

savannah before post looter

A pretty cool spawn point that allows you to have the savannah and a raider outpost right next to you from the start. You are also next to a very large desert that has multiple pyramids and a fairly large village. Not too far from here, you’ll find a ruined portal, as well as a savannah village. There are a bunch of villages to explore, and if you head to the water near the point of appearance, you’ll find a frozen ocean with lots of icebergs.

  • Raider Outpost: 89 76 -7
  • Pyramid: 42 74 297
  • Large Desert Village: 22 63 546
  • Ruined Gate: 179 70 662
  • Savannah village: 645 68 667
  • Pyramid n°2: 629 70 791
  • Ruined gate n°2: 905 79 997
  • Plain village: 1098 67 368
  • Savannah Village #2: 854 71 85
  • Nether :
    • Nether Fortress: 152 68 -22
    • Biscuit Forest (a fortress runs through it): 151 67 -126
Code du seed 1372924966865103357
Version Minecraft 1.17

Two villages between the desert and the prairie

seed minecraft 1 16 two villages 1200x675 1

Start between desert and prairie, with a seaside village, a desert village, and even a nearby raider outpost.

Seed: 8638613833825887773

Village by the ocean

village bordering the ocean

Appears on the coast with this idyllic Minecraft seed, which allows super-fast access to trees, a village, and the endless blue ocean.

Seed: 3227028068011494221

The village lost in the forest

lost village forest

A village lost in the forest right next to the point of appearance gives even more character to this already very original seed.

Seed: 1777181425785

Village in the savanna

savannah village

This friendly seed makes you appear a few blocks from a village, on the outskirts of a sprawling, hilly savannah biome.

Seed: 12542

An ideal seed for rushing the Nether

nether rush

A fantastic seed for a Nether rush. Two villages in sight of the point of appearance, plenty of trees, and lava on the surface to boot.

Seed: -1654510255

Beautiful forested hills

beautiful hill forest

A stark, dramatic, majestic world of snow-covered hills and rivers plowing through the mountains, this is truly a magnificent point of appearance.

Seed: 3427891657823464

Sunflower fields by the river

plain sunflower river bank

A beautiful biome of sunflower plains on the edge of a river, this is a fantastic place to start building a new home.

Seed: 9816485297234

Lava fall in hills with peaks

fall lava hill peak

At first glance, this desert biome doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. But then you’ll see the spectacular Extreme Hills biome in the distance, with its seaside lava falls.

Seed: 321708923

Splendid extreme hills

extreme hills

This phenomenal Extreme Hills biome is the perfect setting for a castle or palace near the sky.

Seed: 189354817

Bamboo jungle and snowy hills

jungle bamboo hill snow

Jungle, plains and snowy hills all converge around a beautiful bamboo jungle within reach of the spawn point.

Seed: 5672120378

Bamboo and lava

bamboo and lava

Another great appearance point in a bamboo jungle, but this time with a little surprise: can you save the entire jungle from burning before it’s too late?

Seed: -1013382714437321718

A lost island near an underwater monument

island monument sea penny

This demanding island seed has more than a few surprises in store, including a nearby sea monument and a mushroom biome not far from the point of appearance.

Seed: -3821186818805133221



While not the most difficult island seed to find, this group of tiny islands makes an interesting start and a great location for construction.

Seed: 124014738

An island without trees

island without tree

A heavily forested island on the edge of a warm ocean, with coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater monuments nearby.

Seed: -4671266132020710557

Endless desert (large biomes)

endless desert

This seed for Minecraft is a real challenge, it drops you in the middle of a gigantic desert. Can you save yourself from starvation ?

Seed: 1297970985505311939

✅ Sources of seeds and images: Minecraftseedhq / Rockpapershotgun

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