Best Minecraft seeds for 1.16 and 1.17 PC

best minecraft seeds

Are you a passionate player of Minecraft? And you want to explore the awesome world of pixels that has a variety to do, and the only way to get the most out of it is to use the Best Minecraft seeds. Here is a world best list of the coolest Minecraft seeds for the 1.16 and 1.17 PC versions.

Minecraft gives players complete flexibility to play as they wish, including getting a choice in the architecture of their environment, including anything from game-changing mods to visually beautiful shaders.

This is accomplished by creating various worlds utilizing complex numerical values known as “seeds,” which add new biomes, materials, mobs, and other features.

We’ll highlight the best Minecraft seeds in 2024, like the best Minecraft seeds for diamonds and the best Minecraft seeds at spawn, in this list.

We’ll be adding new seeds to this page in the future, so come back and let us know if we skipped any of your favorites!

Best Seeds for Minecraft

1) Minecraft Title Screen Seed

Minecraft players have spent years attempting to find the mysterious world that exists in the game’s title screen before a community of Reddit researchers discovered that great Minecraft seed.

Anyone will now access the legendary vista by launching the world and flying to the following coordinates: X=61.48, Y=75, Z=-68.73. Next to the Village

2) Abandoned Minecraft Next to Village

A couple of interesting features help distinguish this seed; for example, it contains an abandoned Minecraft containing assorted rocks, ores, and other materials.

It’s close to the spawn village, under a ravine with surrounding waterfalls and lava pits; within the mineshaft, there are even a few chests to raid for unusual objects and resources.

3) Woodland Mansion with a Village

Given how uncommon woodland mansions are in Minecraft, imagine our surprise when we discovered a seed that spawns you within walking distance of one.

They’re known to hold a variety of unusual materials and objects, but we suggest cleaning out the surrounding pillager outpost first to make things simpler.

4) Zombie Village

This seed is perfect for increasing the amount of danger you’ll face when exploring since it spawns right in the center of a zombie town.

Undead enemies will soon converge on your place, but if you manage to escape alive, don’t worry; another zombie horde awaits you in the next town.

5) The Exposed Stronghold and the Simple Diamonds

This is one of the most environmentally dense seeds we’ve come across, spawning you near a village with a ravine flowing through it and an open stronghold in the middle.

Below that, there is a plethora of diamonds hidden inside, and across the desert frontier, there is another village with a pillager outpost.

6) Enormous Bamboo Forest with Pandas

Pandas are among the most sought-after mobs in Minecraft, owing to their adorable appearance.

You’ll spawn right next to another, as well as a vast bamboo forest surrounding a jungle ecosystem teeming with black and white fur babies.

7) Smallest Island Ever

Well, you’ll have to humor us a little with this next seed, which spawns you on the smallest island we’ve ever seen—one that’s just three blocks across.

Next to it is another island with just three blocks; but, if you move farther west, you can notice a snowy area complete with vital resources.

8) Extreme Hills Glamour

Another Extreme Hills seed that will serve as the ideal base for your next skyscraper.

It has an impressive mountain with plenty of space to create a base on top or inside it, which is complemented by grasslands and savanna biomes below.

9) Archipelago

Alternatively, you should escape the challenges of attempting to navigate the mesa’s barriers by cooling off on a group of tiny islands that often serve as a thrilling location for your next destination.

You may improve your construction skills by building a specific foundation for each island or connecting them with a network of bridges.

10) Spiders from Mesas and Caves

The visual appeal of mesa biomes mixed with dreadful cave spiders itching to leap in your direction.

This seed offers a moderately difficult beginning region in which you must muster the confidence to clean out caves teeming with dangerous arachnids.

11) Lava Falls on Extreme Hills

Some of the best seeds necessitate venturing off the beaten path for some in-depth exploration. This one mixes a simple desert ecosystem with an Extreme Hills biome in the background, where you’ll find seaside vistas and lava that falls above.

12) Lovely Forest Hills

After a particularly difficult Nether Rush, why not unwind with a leisurely walk through a picturesque forest complete with snow-capped hills and winding rivers?

This seed will help you relive fond memories of playing Minecraft for the first time, particularly if you listen to the game’s soundtrack.

13) Nether Rush

Except among the most seasoned players who have seen it all, taking on a Nether Rush test in Minecraft can be a difficult job.

This seed alleviates some of the tedious work of planning for a Nether Rush by placing you between plains and desert biomes, within sight of two towns, plenty of vegetation, and surface-level lava.

14) Fast Diamonds

Since Minecraft players will never have sufficient diamonds, this next seed is useful for stockpiling the precious gemstones.

It spawns you close two desert temples full of treasure, one of which contains gems and emeralds; there are also two neighboring settlements, one of which has a blacksmith.

15) Many Biomes

Some of us don’t have time to mill around searching various maps just to get a taste of all of Minecraft’s biomes, so why not keep it easy and combine them all?

The Many Biomes seed condenses all biome forms into a 2km2 map that is simple to navigate and offers some visual comparison between each area.

16) The Sky Mountain

This seed is ideal for aspiring Minecraft mountaineers who are looking for fun and are able to hike somewhere to find it.

It spawns you in the clouds of an enormous mountainous system with plateau areas featuring savanna biome trees and other geological wonders.

17) Gold Ore and Deep Ravine

Anyone who has ever had a gold fever in Minecraft knows how good it looks to come across those gleaming yellow blocks when digging.

This seed spawns you near a deep ravine that extends for miles, but you won’t have to go far to locate what you’re looking for because there’s plenty of ore near the horizon.

18) Temple Underwater

Although there are plenty of Minecraft seeds with desert and jungle temples, there aren’t as many with underwater discovery.

This seed amps it up by pitting you against hordes of difficult underwater foes, with which you’ll be rewarded with a plethora of gems and mysteries hidden within the temple’s several spaces.

19) Waterfalls and Lava

This seed places you a few meters away from a massive mountain range whose tops barely brush the clouds.

The key attraction, though, is a series of cascading water and lava falls that can be used to produce obsidian or actually enjoyed from afar.

20) Mooshroom World

After a while, you can get dissatisfied with Minecraft’s default biomes and yearn for something fresh and exciting.

You’ll spawn within walking distance of a huge island teeming with giant mushrooms and red cows for your enjoyment if you use this seed.

21) Spawn’s Simple Village

Simplicity is sometimes defined as the nature of happiness, and we can see why when we look at this seed, which spawns you near a blacksmith shop with iron leggings, chest plate, shield, apples, and diamonds.

Beyond the settlement, there is a desert temple with numerous jewels in its chests, including gold, iron, and more diamonds.

22) Mountain Archway

Some Minecraft seeds can go overboard with geography to the point that they rival real life, such as this one, which notably features a mountain joined by two peaks to form a breathtaking arch.

It’s complemented by an impressive waterfall and rolling hills, making it the ideal location for creating your own underground base.

23) Horses and Desert Village

Designed for ardent equestrians, this seed will have you spawn on the outskirts of a vast desert village populated by horses.

Inside the village, you’ll find chests containing incredible items such as diamond horse armor, saddles, gold ingots, and obsidian—everything a skilled Minecraft horse rider might need.

24) The Igloo and the Winter Forest

The final winter-themed seed we’ll suggest drops you right in the middle of a snowy woodland, complete with igloos to discover, one of which features a secret basement underneath a rug.

We’ll find a little underground base with its own brewery and plenty of storage space here, although you’ll have to first get rid of the zombie villager protecting it.

 25) Spruce Village and Coral Reef

This seed is brimming with opportunities to keep you safe, such as an array of fish for sustenance and a cozy cabin to sleep in at night.

If you wander around for a while, you’ll come across a range of magnificent mountains surrounded by a colorful coral reef that’s ideal for relaxing.


Hopefully, you’ve read this amazing guide for the best Minecraft seeds. Now you can explore the world of Minecraft and impress your freinds.

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