What Does Smite Do in Minecraft

What Does Smite do in Minecraft

Enchantments are a vital part of Minecraft since they have a variety of ways to improve various aspects of the game. They become particularly important when players choose to participate in later game events or even be more effective in general. So, what does smite enchantment do in Minecraft?

Due to the resources used to build an enchanting table, the bookshelves surrounding the enchanting table, and the many XP levels required to complete the enchantments themselves, enchantment is somewhat of a late-game aspect of Minecraft. Smite is one spell that players should be aware of.

What is the Smite Enchantment in Minecraft

Smite is a basic spell that acts as a harm boost. Smite, in particular, raises the harm done to zombie mobs in Minecraft.

The Smite enchantment has five degrees which can only be added to swords and axes. After the first stage, each additional level raises damage by 2.5, resulting in a reasonably substantial improvement to damage against zombie mobs.

On the bedrock version, if a diamond sword is used as a basis for the parameters, the arm begins with a base damage of 8. It increases to 10.5 harm with Smite I. When Smite V is attached to the sword, it does 20.5 harm to zombie mobs.

There are a lot of zombie mobs in Minecraft, and it’s easy to overlook which ones are really undead. The below are the zombie mobs:

  • Husks Phantoms Skeletons Zombies Zombie Villagers Husks
  • Skeletons wither as the Drowned Zoglins wither.
  • Skeleton Horses and Zombie Piggins
  • Strays of Zombie Horses

Clearly, there are a plethora of zombie mobs that players are likely to meet during a Minecraft playthrough, making the Smite enchantment both valuable and useful while traveling about at night. However, before players can use Smite, they must first build an enchanting setup.

In Minecraft, players will need 4 obsidian bricks, 2 diamonds, and a book to create an enchanting table. Obtaining the enchanting table can be accomplished relatively easily with a little mining.

Players would then need to build a wall out of bookshelves across the table. Each bookshelf, up to a total of 15, raises the overall enchanting amount to 30.

Players would then need to use their XP and levels earned in the Minecraft universe to add enchantments such as Smite to their supplies.

What Does Smite Enchantment do in Minecraft

There is some RNG luck involved here, which is often the case for enchantment.

  • Set up your enchantment table and put the sword or ax you want to enchant, as well as a Lapiz Lazuli, on it. Using a Smite enchantment book to enchant your weapon if you already have one.
  • If you do not have the enchantment book, you must show each of the enchantments that occur after putting the Lapis Lazuli in the slot on the enchantment stand.
  • The number next to each item shows how much skill is needed to unlock and display it. Unlock and examine as many files as you can when waiting for Smite to arrive.

This is what there is to discover about the Minecraft Smite Enchantment.

The Best (and worst) Enchantments of Minecraft

Enchantments exist in Minecraft, and the main function of many of them is to provide important aids to the player, at least for a period of time. Many are really useful and get players out of trouble. Others not so much.

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Next, you will find a list of the best and worst enchantments in Minecraft. We’ll go over the best first, and lastly, we’ll take a look at the worst.


Let’s start with the one that collectors looking for all kinds of materials in the game’s vast world will surely love. If you want to get the best minerals more quickly to complete the game,  Minecraft Fortune is the enchantment you need.

This enchantment will increase the number of minerals that will drop from an ore block when it is mined. Fortune, at its highest level, is a powerful way to get more diamonds quickly. It is also excellent for extracting emeralds.


It is true that using Repair or Repair is not the most exciting that you will find in Minecraft, but it is certainly the most useful. With this enchantment, the vast majority of worries will disappear.

Repair allows the player to fix a certain item using experience orbs. Therefore, the items you make will never wear out and will have unlimited use. You have to make sure you have a source of expertise.

Ice walker

This enchantment, very close to certain enemies of Game of Thrones, seems more useful than it really is. Walking through the water is not an easy task, and it is not easy in Minecraft. This enchantment can be achieved since you will create ice that you can walk through where you step.

It is useful up to a point since you can build a boat that will do the same effect and not generate ice blocks everywhere. The Minecraft ecosystem also suffers the consequences of magic.

Bane of Arthropoda

It may be one of the most curious spells, but it is certainly not the most effective, and certainly not the one that will get you out of trouble. Applying  Bane of the Arthropoda to your sword can cause extra damage to spiders. It is true that it may be useful at some point, but it is not something you have to prioritize. Unless you have arachnophobia and want to make, those damn bugs suffer.

Smite or Crush

It may seem useful, but in reality, its use is very anecdotal and hardly of key importance in combat. With Smite or Crush, you can bring an extra amount of damage to certain enemies. This enchantment may increase in power the more you use it, but its range is minimal and does not have as great an impact as intended.


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