What Does Smite Do in Minecraft | Here’s the Hidden Detail

What Does Smite do in Minecraft

What does smite do in Minecraft Smite? It’s an enchantment that we apply to a weapon like an axe or sword to use in-game. That magical spell enhances the extra damage to the undead mobs. The game has many types of Smite items used in it. You can only use them against the undead. Those are not suitable for dead masses.  

What Does Smite Do in Minecraft? Here’s the Hidden Detail
What Does Smite Do in Minecraft

Minecraft Smite enchantment can maximize the effect of the attack on the undead like zombies, skeletons, piglins, and withers. Infect, your iron sword or axe gets the power to fight with the evils. The game developers give the command to the characters to enchanted them. You will realize the quick intensity of killing.

Moreover, there are five levels of enchantment. At smite enchantment level 5, the power of destroying rises up so fast. It’s a vital part of the game. When a player gets more experience in his Minecraft, he wants to boost higher levels. And the enchantments give such an opportunity to move to the next stage to play efficiently.

Furthermore, it’s a little difficult to develop those features. It would help if you had a table with a book and bookshelves surrounding it with an XP level to complete the process. The Smite is one of the essential elements on which players give more attention.

Likewise, Smite is comparatively simple as compared to other methods. The damage surges up to Minecraft’s undead mob. The enchanting items like weapons come up when the players follow the specific ways. That makes them much more robust but after evolving particular strategies.

In addition, the specialization of players in the game grows, which is very helpful for the player. The interest of the user goes to the highest level. The gamers always look at how Smite enchantment Minecraft can get, but it’s too easy to get it. 

Also, the users have a chance to get a book, four Obsidian, and two Diamonds. They need one enchanting table to decorate them on it. That extends the level of the game.

Besides, the five levels of smite enchantment apply only to axes and swords. The 2.5 is the add-up intensity of the increase in the level of damage. And at the end, that power is used more brutally by undead mobs.

Similarly, the diamond sword enchantments are the bases that provide extra damage up to 8. But, when we use Smite I, its value goes up to 10.5, and ultimately, 20.5 is for Smite V. It’s the answer to the question, what does smite do in Minecraft?

Furthermore, you can get a complete list in Minecraft trident related to undead mobs. You can’t choose the exact numbers. The list included the followings:

  1. Zombie Piglins
  2. Zombies
  3. Zoglins
  4. Strays
  5. Phantoms
  6. The Drowned
  7. Zombie Horses
  8. Wither
  9. Skeletons
  10. Wither Skeletons
  11. Zombie Villagers
  12. Skeleton Horses
  13. Husks

Moreover, the undead mobs increase with the increase in the time and level of the game. Therefore, the Smite enchantment becomes useful. It would help if you had a setup of magic before getting Smite. 

Procedure to Apply Smite in Minecraft

To apply for smite, you need efficient mining first, or otherwise, a more work method is also there. You will create an enchantment table for smite. You should have a book on the table with blocks of obsidian and two diamonds for that purpose. Then you construct bookshelves around the table. All of them set up the high level of the game. 

Also, you need to develop 15 bookshelves around the table to jump to level 30. Then at that stage, players can apply to get XP, and you will find all levels from anywhere worldwide. 

In addition, when you reach the smite enchantment, you like the more advanced level as soon as possible. After the upgrade, you develop the weapon, and the undead mobs increase in number. To know about the simple answer, what does Smite do in Minecraft? If you want to boost up yourself, the smite enchantment is required.

Furthermore, sword enchantments in Minecraft require you to pay something to level up as well as Lapis Lazuli. If the player becomes successful in establishing bookshelves around the table, you will get Smite V.

Selection of Smite Option 

You have only choices available which are equal to the number of Lapis Lazuli on the previous level, arranged on the table. Every option depends on the number of classes required to randomly enchantment sets. If you want to get an enchantment of a specific type, click on the tool to get so.  

Difference Between Smite And Sharpness

Another helpful command is sword Sharpness. It’s almost the same as Smite with five levels, and the fifth is the most decisive stage. Both Sharpness and Smite are vital but not compatible with one another. Both can’t work at the same time. 

Last but not least, those both show up in specific situations depending on what is the player’s style of play. Most of the players like Sharpness compared to Smite because you can kill any of the mobs in two to three hits. The damage to the crowd is 1 ½ hearts with Sharpness enchantment. That’s the only difference between those two.

As we already know, the damage Smite causes. Let’s have a look at the impact of Sharpness on the killing of mobs.

Sharpness l: Additional damage x 1

Sharpness ll: Additional damage x 1.5

Sharpness lll: Additional damage x 2

Sharpness lV: Additional damage x 2.5

Sharpness V: Additional damage x 3

It’s clear from the above discussion that smite has more power than Sharpness. But, the Semite is only used for undead creatures. In the end, the Smite is excellent for fighting the undead. It powers up to 12.5. But the diamond sword enchantments need Sharpness.   

Removing Smite in Minecraft 

You don’t need to do anything from Smite, Sharpness, or Arthropods Bane on sword enchantments Minecraft.


At its level 5, what does smite do in Minecraft?

When we see the above discussed, the smite 5 is excellent and gives exceptional 12.5 damage to the undead creatures. It’s only for enemies like Zombies, Withers, Skeletons, and Drowned. 

What is the Minecraft smite enchantment efficiency?

It’s the level of enchantment that increases the mining speed with the help of a tool. For example, if you diamond pickaxe, the rate increases to gather ore and stones. 

How good is smite 4? 

At level V, level 4 is also good with add up the power damage 10. That damage is also a serious one. 

As like sword enchantments Minecraft, can we add bow Smite?

No, It’s not possible to bow. The diamond sword enchantments, as well as axes, accept it.

Is the Smite design for Enderman as well? 

No. Enderman doesn’t fall on the list of damaged objects. Only Zombies, Drowned, Skeletons, Zombie pigment, and Wither boss get effects. Enderman isn’t among the undead mob. You will not get any damage points.

What Does Smite Do in Minecraft to tackle Bad Omen?

The Bad Omen is a state on a player which gets attacks from many sides when entering a village. That bad omen comes after killing the village leader while on patrol by a player.

How can a zombie get dead with one shot? 

With Smite five, one-shot is possible on skeletons and zombies with Diamond axes.

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