How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft in 2021

How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft

Today you will learn here how to allocate more ram to the Minecraft server and Minecraft launchers. If you are on the server, we will first learn how to dedicate more RAM to the Minecraft server, and then you will see how to do it for launchers, windows 10, Xbox and many other platforms! So Stay with me.

Paid or Free Minecraft is one of the most popular games of this generation. It is available for almost every platform, from PC to Mac to iOS and Android. It works well on most devices. But it can always get better – especially if you have a computer with enough RAM to take advantage of.

The third-party version of ATLauncher changed all this. However, it was a little trivial for allocating more ram to Minecraft. Here’s how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft on a computer. And those running Minecraft on the server as well.

Most Likely Problems You’re Facing Now:

Before we get to know how to dedicate more ram to Minecraft, check out the most popular problems we get is: “Your client crash every time you try to start it or connect to your server.”

It usually occurs if you don’t have adequate memory for your game. For gameplay, the proper Minecraft JVM arguments and allocating more ram to Minecraft are significant. It is changed due to the demand for necessary resources.

Fortunately, most players only need a few steps to define this. As long as you have free memory space on the computer you use to play, you should be okay once you have created the mod.

With modification games, it is suggested to have at least 4GB/4096 MB. New Minecraft releases may require a little more, so if you try the 1.13 + bundle, you may want to think around 6 GB.

Launchers and a server share extra capacity. Each of them has slightly different steps to add more ram to Minecraft, but it will not be difficult for your query of how to allocate more ram to Minecraft after reading this complete guide.

System RAM available

First, make sure that your system has enough RAM and that you can check it in the simplest steps.

  1. Go to the Windows toolbar search bar.
  2. Get system information.
  3. Click System Information to open it and check the available physical memory.

Main Launchers

Make sure you have the 64-bit version of Java. If you don’t have it, download it. The latest version of Minecraft will be easy to use while using launchers. If you want to know how to allocate more ram to Minecraft’s new launcher, read this article to the end.

The main launchers I will be talking about are listed below: –

  1. Minecraft server
  2. Minecraft Launcher
  3. Twitch Launcher
  4. Technical launcher
  5. FTB Launcher
  6. Invalid launcher
  7. AT Launcher

Now I will consider all the launchers and servers, which will help allocate additional memory one by one. 

How to Allocate More Ram To Minecrafthow to allocate more ram to minecraft

If you want to allocate more ram to Minecraft you need to learn some basic technical terms for it. In this below guid, I’m about to share with you how to do it in easy steps.

1. On Server

Adjusting the amount of RAM that Minecraft uses while hosting on the server is slightly different. It is not integrated with ATLauncher. However, it is not too difficult:

Step 1: See if RAMs are available on your computer

How much free RAM you can reserve on Minecraft is the sum of free RAM. Check RAM:

Windows — Start Menu, Click on the Settings for the Device, click on Setup, open the “Installed RAM,” and see figure.

Mac – Start the Apple menu, open About This Mac, and see the figure to the right of the Memory heading.

Step 2: Update your Java application

Go to the https:/ page of Java and press the Install button in the new Java update. These instructions ensure that your Java version is up to date and can allocate more ram to the Minecraft server.

Make sure you access the correct binary version for your operating system if you are using Windows. Compared to a 32-bit computer, you can hardly allocate 1 GB of RAM.

Step 3: Find the Minecraft server directory and open it

This means the folder containing the Minecraft_server.exe file that is fully launched to start the Minecraft server.

The easiest way to do this is to explore the “Minecraft_server” file and open its location.

Step 4: In your file tab, create a text sheet

Tap Windows Home or Mac file next to Windows New Object or Mac Fresh, and press Text File. The new text document will be created on a site such as Minecraft server.exe.

Step 5: Minecraft allocates more RAM to the Minecraft server by entering the code

Depending on your operating system, add the following code in your text document:


java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true




BINDIR=$(dirname “$(readlink -fn “$0″)”)

cd “$BINDIR”

java -Xms####M -Xmx####M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true



cd “$( dirname “$0″ )”

java -Xms####M -Xmx####M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true

Replace #### with the number of megabytes you choose to allot.

  • To allocate 2 GB, change it to 2048.
  • To allocate 3 GB, change it to 3072.
  • To allocate 4 GB, change it to 4096.
  • To allocate 5 GB, change it to 5120.

Step 6: Save the file

Hold the password as “.bat” password while you are operating on a Windows system. Use Save As and click on this link Change the “.txt” to the “.bat” file extension. Edit the file as a “.command” file if you’re using OS X. Save this file as a “.sh” file if you use Ubuntu or Linux.

You would want to start by allowing Windows file extensions to access them.

Launcher 2.0.X

Here are six simple steps to allocating more RAM to Minecraft.

Step 1: See if RAM is available on your computer

The amount of RAM that can be increased in Minecraft is calculated by the amount of free RAM. RAM should be checked:

Windows – Open the Start Menu, pick Gear Settings, click Setup, open the About window, and display the RAM Installed number.

Start the Apple menu, navigate to About This Mac, and look for the figure to the right of the Memory heading.

Step 2: Ensure that you have the most recent edition of Java.

On the https:/ website, click the Install button on the above edition of Java. These guidelines ensure that your Java version is up to date and that Minecraft ram allocation is open.

If you are using Windows, make sure you download the right edition for your operating system. You can only reserve 1 GB of RAM in comparison to a 32-bit machine.

Step 3: Launch the launchers of the Minecraft

Double-click the Minecraft button to unlock the launcher.

If that trigger window has a “1.6 …” in the lower-left (or top) edge of the window, release the 1.6.X trigger mode instead.

Step 4: Press the Install button

The operator is at the top. Make sure you have to Enable advanced configurations. This toggle switch can be found in the upper right corner of this play options tab. Before proceeding, if this button is not closed, click it.

Step 5: You want to edit this profile

When you see only one choice on this tab, pick it and check the JVM Arguments textbox to allow this feature to ensure Minecraft JVM Arguments is allowed.

Step 6: Minecraft can be replaced with a certain volume of RAM.

You will notice a text menu in the text box “JVM Arguments”, this first section displays -Xmx1G; Replace this “1” with the number of GB of RAM you want to use in Minecraft.

Let’s say; You can change this text to say “-Xmx4G” to handle 4 GB of RAM between Minecraft. Then click Save. It’s in the bottom part of the window.

Minecraft Mind now employs the value you stated in the profile RAM.

Soon, I’ll also answer your question on how much room Minecraft takes up. To understand more about other rockets, read the complete article below.

Launcher 1.6.X

Here are five simple measures you may take to increase the amount of RAM in Minecraft.

Step 1: Determine if your device’s RAM is adequate.

The number of free rams decides how much room you will reserve in Minecraft. RAM test:

  • On Windows: Go to the Start Menu, then Settings for the Gear, Setup, Around, and display the RAM Installed number.
  • On Mac: Start the Apple menu, navigate to About This Mac, and look for the figure to the right of the Memory heading.

Step 2: Upgrade the Java framework

To install the most recent edition of Java, go to and click the Upgrade tab. These steps ensure that the Java version is current. Later, I’ll explain how to enable Minecraft to use more RAM in this launcher and others.

If you are using Windows, make sure you download the right edition for your operating system. In comparison to a 32-bit processor, you can only allocate 1 GB of RAM.

Step 3: Launch the Minecraft Launcher.

If you’re wondering how to adjust how much RAM Minecraft uses in Launcher 1.6.X, I’ve got good news: the Minecraft RAM from the Minecraft launcher can be increased in only a few more simple measures.

If version 2.0 in the lower left margin of this launch window is present, use the version 2.0.X method for the launcher instead.

Step 4: Choose your profile

Click Edit Profile, even the one you’ve chosen from the chart. Check the “JVM Media” box in the advanced section of Java settings. It ensures that commands must be entered to change Minecraft.

Step 5: Increase the amount of RAM available in Minecraft.

You can offer Minecraft more RAM, but Minecraft only allocates 1 GB of RAM per user. You will increase the size of this by clicking -Xmx #G. # Add # the amount of GB you wish to assign. Enter -Xmx18G if you need to reserve 18 GB.

Then, click Save Profile to save your profile’s settings. The sum of RAM you mentioned will now be used on the profile you choose.


Launch ATLauncher, select the “Settings” tab from the menu pane on the right, then select the Java / Minecraft tab at the top of the navigation bar.

You should immediately see the drop-down menus by heart.

Correct the highest option in the Memory / RAM drop-down list to the required memory size (specify that at least 4096 MB is supported).

When you are done, don’t miss the “Save” button.

Twitch Launcher

How to Allocate More RAM to the New Minecraft Launcher To change the setting in Twitch Launcher, set your settings by selecting the small down arrow at the top right, then choose that settings option via the gear icon.

Instead, on the Settings list, pick the Minecraft tab and find the Java slider. Adjust the slider to the correct memory (recall that at least 4096 MB are recommended).

Technic Launcher

Open Technic Launcher set the launcher settings using the small tool at the top right, then select the Java Settings tab in the navigation bar of the Java Settings window. You will now see a memory adjustment drop-down menu.

Set the amount of memory you need (remember, at least 4GB is recommended). Changes are automatically saved, so please close the startup window and start extraction!

This would also mean that you are required to allocate 1 GB of ram, which reduces the maximum amount of memory to be allocated, to update the 32-bit Java version of your program. You need to uninstall Java, install 8-bit Java on your machine to address this issue, and then reboot your computer.

Feed The Beast Launcher (FTB)

Select the option(s) and then transfer the MB slider to the correct memory (recall that a minimum memory value of 4096 MB is recommended).

Void Launcher

Pick the Gear in the upper right corner and adjust the maximum: choices to raise the RAM amount under Minecraft (remember that at least 4096 MB would be recommended).


You want to feel the best gaming experience. Still, if you have trouble with how to allocate more ram to Minecraft, and the game is lagging. You can contact us for further details.

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