How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft? Here’s Ultimate Guide 2021

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

Minecraft geeks always want to know the best way to find the diamonds. Because, If you want to speed up your mining activities and make the most of your gaming time, you’ll need to spend some diamonds. In this guide, You’ll know exactly how to find diamonds in Minecraft really fast on pc, ps4, Xbox, or whatever console you’re using; these tactics will operate on it.

In Minecraft, diamond is a useful mineral. You will use it to create some of the finest armour and tools. Unfortunately, it is one of the game’s rarest objects, along with emerald and lapis lazuli. It is why we all want to know where we can locate diamonds so we don’t spend hours looking. That is exactly what we are discussing in this post!

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft Fast

If you want to know how to locate diamonds in Minecraft, here are some simple methods you can try. We also make several suggestions to make the diamond-accumulation experience more productive and pleasant. Find out right now!

1) Investigate cave networks

It is not unusual to come across a massive cave in Minecraft, and deep inside them, there might be a strange accumulation of diamonds. Gems are usually found in clusters of up to eight blocks, but a single vein would render all of your time and work worthwhile. If you are not involved in building your own diamond mine, extensively exploring natural caves is a perfect way to set up a diamond deposit.

With chance, you’ll come across chests that have several. There are chests in some of the bigger caves, but nothing ensures that they contain diamonds. However, if you find one, it is worth your time to open it – don’t expect to need a lot with this technique.

2) Build your own diamond mine.

While certain diamonds can be obtained by visiting caves and opening chests, the best way to acquire them is to build your own mine. The procedure is time-consuming but straightforward. However, if you do it correctly, you’ll be pocketing hundreds of diamonds in no time. Here are some pointers to get you started:

Diamonds can be found naturally between layers 1 and 16, although they are more often found in layer 12. Layer 0 is bedrock, but you’ll have to search a long time before you see the light blue rocks. If you need support determining which layer you’re digging in, click F3 (on PC) and you’ll see your current position. On a console, you’ll have to dig down to the bedrock and then crawl back up, layer by layer, before you achieve the target height.

You may use a variety of extraction methods, but we prefer using a ladder before you cross layer 12. Then, excavate a long horizontal hallway. You will maximize your mining ability by digging perpendicular trails from this key passage.

When you spot a gem, make sure to remove all the surrounding blocks so you can see if there are any more nearby. Diamond veins have diagonal shapes in general, but there are normally more secret ones nearby than you thought.

If you inadvertently open a lava flow, it’s a good idea to bring a bucket of water nearby. If something occurs, get the water out as soon as possible. Then, before starting, go up a few layers and try your utmost to melt the lava.

You would require at least one iron or diamond pick to mine diamonds. You can even have a backup so that you don’t have to halt the operation if the first one fails.

3) Mining for branches

Simply put, branch mining is mining in a branched manner. When you’re level 16 or below, it’s beneficial to mine by adopting a structure. Why is this so? Since there are a total of 3.7 diamond ores in each chunk. A chunk is described as an area of 16×16 blocks for the X and Z coordinates, respectively. You can search if you click F3, and you can also see the chunks if you press F3 + G.

Here’s one method for branch mining:

  • If you’ve reached the diamond-rich depths, it’s time to explore horizontally.
  • Dig a two-block-high gateway, then shift three blocks to the side and perform the procedure many times.
  • Dig about 20 blocks forward at each entry. Remember to place torches every 5 or 10 blocks!
  • When you’re done, turn around and restart the process.
  • You may repeat the procedure at various stages or chunks.

Branch mining, as you can see, is a more systematic form of drilling and mining for diamonds, but it is essentially the same method as the first. There are many instances of branch mining on the Internet!

4) Unlock chests

The last strategy is simpler since it just involves experimenting and paying attention. In Minecraft, there are several chests scattered across the map, and to our luck, they naturally produce various resources, like diamonds. You won’t have to spend hours digging!

The below are the locations where you will locate diamond-encrusted chests of varying degrees of probability:

  • Submerged boat.
  • Advantages.
  • The Underworld’s Fortresses (Nether).
  • Villages, directly in the smithies’ chests.
  • A bastion’s remnants or remains.
  • The desert’s temples and pyramids.
  • The jungle’s temples and pyramids.
  • City’s end.
  • Mines that have been abandoned, generally in wagons.

Treasure caches discovered on lakes, shorelines, and underwater. Finding them with treasure maps is beneficial, as else it would take a long time.

Finding diamonds needs perseverance. There is no foolproof method for finding them; but, going down to layer 12 and smashing rocks will give you the best chance of success. Furthermore, if you want to assign more RAM to Minecraft for the game, read this post!

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