How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft Twitch

How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft Twitch

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games on Earth, with over 100 million people playing. Despite its pixel-block design and lots of resources needed to run smoothly, it’s still a great game for low-end computers too! One way that Minecraft gamers can get rid of lag spikes or crashes due to insufficient RAM usage is by adding more memory to their gameplay experience. Let’s read this ultimate guide to know how to allocate and increase more ram to Minecraft twitch in an easy step process.

In order to play Minecraft at its best, you’ll need a computer with enough RAM. But even if your PC has 4 GB of system memory like the minimum requirement suggests, there are still other factors that can affect performance and cause lag spikes while playing this game. One is when players have too many mods installed on their computers; it’s not just about graphics cards or processors anymore! Another is how much VRAM they allocate for video purposes – 8GB should be plenty for most gamers.

The amount of RAM Minecraft will be revealed. You’ll have a lag-free and issue-free experience by keeping the allocation low enough to avoid any crashes or gameplay problems. When you bump up your RAM, it’s guaranteed that you’ll feel an improvement in gaming all around.

I bet that many of you have experienced the frustration and lag from Minecraft. I’ll show you how to give Minecraft more ram, so it won’t take a long time loading in a map or when you’re trying to build immense structures like houses!

How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft Twitch

Twitch launcher is well known for installing heavy mod packs. Allocating more ram to the twitch launcher is very easy and a few steps away, so don’t go on Twitch without it!

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  1. To begin, click on the three lines slider in the upper right corner. You may access settings on that slider by selecting the files option. However, hitting CTRL + comma will also access the launcher’s settings.
  2. Second, go to the bottom of the screen and choose Minecraft. Finally, there will be a java settings choice; please select it. Finally, a slider will be provided to show the amount of RAM that is presently allocated. Typically, the allotted ram is 3,228 MBS. You can simply move the slider to modify it.
  3. You have now finished assigning the necessary ram to the twitch launcher. Return to Mods, open Minecraft, and begin playing without interruption.


How Much RAM Does Minecraft Need?

It is critical to have enough ram when playing Minecraft. If you don’t, your game will run slow and laggy, which isn’t fun for anyone! The minimum requirement of RAM (Random Access Memory) changes depending on what type of gameplay you are doing- 2 GB if using only available plugins or 4GB for regular/heavy types.

Newer versions of Minecraft (1.12+ packs) with regular to intensive gaming need additional memory. It occasionally needs more than 6 GB. Your machine may have sufficient RAM to run Minecraft smoothly. However, the necessary ram is not always correctly allocated to gaming.

Now you know how much ram is required for a smooth gameplay experience. Furthermore, I will explain in detail the allocation of memory when using different launchers from this article.

Check to see whether you have enough RAM.

Before you try to allocate more ram to any launcher, you must check how much ram is available in your system. Checking available ram is as simple as you can think.

  • From the start menu, find and select “settings.” You will see a gear icon on most devices.
  • After that, choose the about option, or you can simply look for it in the search box. The device specification option is accessible in the About section. Select it by clicking on it.
  • Finally, from that area, you can verify the amount of RAM installed on your device. As seen in the screenshot below. As you can see, the available ram is 4 GB, of which 3.88 GB is accessible.

What will happen when you allocate more ram to your launcher?

The game will run smoothly without any crashes now! You’ll love to play the game with such high performance.

The bugs in the game may be causing it to crash often. But never fear! The next version of Windows will have more RAM, and that means fewer errors with games crashing or freezing up on you before they’re over.

Why do we need to increase the amount of RAM allocated? With the passage of time, the game gains new updated features/options and a better presentation. As a result, it needs more RAM to operate smoothly.

You must have installed a 64-bit java version before allocating additional RAM to the Minecraft launcher. This is due to the fact that the 32-bit version of Java does not enable users to allocate more than 4 GB.

What are the minimum requirements to run Minecraft smoothly?

You may be looking for Minecraft installation prerequisites. The following are the minimum requirements for installing Minecraft on various devices.

Minecraft minimum requirements for Windows 10

The operating system of Windows 10 (v17135.0) or higher. A processor of AMD FX-4100 or Intel Celeron J4105. 4 GB of ram, and DirectX12FL11. The video card is also essential, i.e., AMD Radeon R5 or Intel HD Graphics 4000

Minecraft recommended requirements for Windows 10

The operating system of Windows 10 (v17135.0) or higher. A processor of AMD A8-6600Kor Intel i7-6500U. 8 GB of ram and DirectX12FL11. The video card is also essential, i.e., AMD Radeon HD 8570D or NVIDIA GeForce 940M


Minecraft is only available on the PS4 and PS5. You may also easily download and install it from the PlayStation shop.


Suppose you have an Xbox and want to play Minecraft. Then you must have either these Xbox devices or upgrade. List includes Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One.

Furthermore, you must have an Xbox One OS. If you meet these requirements, you can finally install Minecraft from the Microsoft Store on Xbox.

Common Issues:

Sometimes, your launcher might not allow you to allocate more than 2 GB of memory. This is because the version of Java installed on your computer may be too old or out-of-date. If this sounds like something that’s happened to you before and you want a fix for it, we’ve got some good news! You can download and install 64bit Java from here instead (link).

After installing the 64-bit version, your launcher will enable you to allocate additional RAM efficiently.

Is your game constantly crashing or not responding correctly? You might need to allocate more ram. Above, I have explained how much RAM you should assign based on your needs and computer specs. Reading this article will be helpful!

Final Verdict

Minecraft is a game that most gamers have enjoyed since it was released, but many face the issue of lagging. However, this article will explain how you can allocate more RAM if Minecraft and other launchers are causing lag on your computer.

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