How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft 1.11.2

How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft 1.11.2

Minecraft may seem fun to you, populated, and block. But hang on, don’t dive into it. This game may seem simple, a taste of graphics-wise, but wait, it’s a pretty intensive one from other modes like Minecraft adventure or creative. In addition, Minecraft’s background has a lot of different functions running. You will need a good GPU for Minecraft and some RAM allocation tips for smoothly running your game.

Read Complete To Know: How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft 1.11.2 

Are you facing your game underdeveloped, whether it’s frequent crashes or a simple direct delay? Surely it is because of limited RAM. Hence, the solution to how to dedicate more ram to Minecraft is to add more ram to Minecraft or degrade your game.

How Much to Allocate RAM to Minecraft 1.11.2?

This depends perfectly on your application. Some roughly need 2GB memory like vanilla gameplay with no mods, just plugins, or might fewer mods. You are checking your RAM.

Taking any step further, you need to know how much RAM you need to use. For example, your device will not show up 6 GB when it has only 4 GB. Easy process to check your RAM.

Option 1: Default Launcher Minecraft 1.11.2 to allocate more RAM 

Some good news for default Minecraft launcher users has the advantage to allocate more RAM to their games.

Read Ahead:

  1. Select installations at the top of the tabs; this will show the releases list.
  2. Now that you want the release version to play, you may notice one option (recent version) if you don’t have any specific version. 
  3. On the right side, you will see three white dots. Give a click on white dots, hit the Edit from the menu. Some new settings will come up with installation and versions. 
  4. Give a shot on more options; go down scrolling till it shows JVM arguments. 
  5. Finally, alter the code in the JVM arguments field. -Xmx1G To: -Xmx#G

Presently, where is the image of # put the measure of RAM you like to apportion to Minecraft.

For example, – Xmx4G implies you will dispense 4 GB of RAM to Minecraft.

  1. Last step, here you go, just hit the green save button and exit, and yeah, done! Check the game’s performance immediately after launching a game.

 Option 2: ATLauncher Minecraft 1.11.2 to allocate more RAM 

If you have done downloads of different mods, you will not be surprised by AT launcher for Minecraft. This is not the default game launcher, but it is easy for players to divide RAM to Minecraft when they have a launcher.

Read Ahead:

  1. Do click on the setting which is on the ride side menu and launch the launcher. 
  2. On the top navigation bar, hit a click on JAVA/Minecraft tab. This will show unused memory on your device. Now you want maximum memory, drop-down menu.
  3.  Now select the RAM you want and adjust it to your allocating RAM with arrows. Also, go up with typing amount. Note: keep in mind that you need at least 4096MB.
  4.  Finally, click the safe button and exit. 

Option 3: Technic Launcher Minecraft 1.11.2 to allocate more RAM 

Technic launcher is much like ATlauncher, and it is also famous for installation in heavy mod packs for Minecraft. You might be familiar with user attachment if you have used a technical launcher.

Read Ahead

  1. First, launch your technic launcher, and on the right side, hit a click on the little icon (setting).
  2. Hit a click on the gear icon and then click on JAVA settings
  3. Now you will see a drop-down menu titled RAM/memory. Go for it with a click and insert your needy amount, but keep in mind your amount should be at least 4 GB for the modded game plan. 
  4. You have to be safe; all your changes will be updated automatically; now, wait just a few moments before exiting the Technic launcher. You are good to go! 

Option 4: Twitch Launcher or Curse Launcher Minecraft 1.11.2 to allocate more RAM 

Again you have a good choice, the Twitch Launcher, for installing heavy to moderate mod packs for Minecraft. This launcher is using sliders than coding elements for RAM. It is pretty easy to use but a little chattier than ATlauncher and Technic Launcher.

Read Ahead:

  1.  Launch the Twitch launch; on the top in the right, select the three lines.
  2. This will take you to the settings that will show up the gear icon.
  3. Hit a click on the Minecraft tab, go down until you see a section named JAVA settings.
  4. Now look for the allocated RAM slider in the setting. 
  5. Now you can use the allocated RAM for your desirable RAM amount. Your changes are being automatically updated; wait before closing the launcher. Here you are done. 


Minecraft is a highly wide and extensive game. Above are the different options you can use to allocate more RAM to Minecraft 1.11.2. So enjoy using this guide to make your game easier and get fun! 

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