How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Technic Launcher

How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Technic Launcher

Technic launcher is another great launcher in the modded world of Minecraft. Due to the modification, you require more ram to run it smoothly. So, let’s see how to allocate more ram to Minecraft technic launcher in detail.

As you know, the experts enhance game performance. It was hidden, which can increase the action after installing it. The task assigned to it is to install 10,000 modpacks from a third party. 

Furthermore, the Tech team didn’t bring more modifications in their modpacks to power up the game. The essential maintenance was also ignored for years. After little change, It has got a good position in its community. 

Moreover, there are multiple stages involved in it to work. The modpacks and other content are plentiful in the current version. It has modpacks management, download, playing, and a page for news.

In addition, that game needs to be played smoothly. It’s a common issue of lagging while playing the game. That issue is due to the less use of memory in the modded Minecraft server. In the whole article, we try to show you the steps to add more ram.

Likewise, why do we need more RAM to raise the Minecraft tab value? The two reasons are involved in it. 

  1. To stop the crashes.
  2. More memory can render more quickly.

Also, both of those causes are linked to not having enough memory. It gives the speed of your computer. The function of your PC slams down, and the device looks useless. 

Furthermore, a computer system needs at least 384 MB of Ram for its better function. But, It requires a minimum of 1 GB of memory. That saves the information of the player, blocks, and many things. With its absence, you will face a memory error.

Besides, before starting to resolve the issue, check if other applications are working. But that’s not helpful for a long time because you will need different things to operate along with. 

On top of that, the Minecraft server speeds up with the mod pack. There are many modpacks. Some of the clients require advanced performance. That process is not complex with the help of Technic launchers not having enough ram.

Likewise, if you are experiencing that your Computer is not accepting more than 2GB, find out the correct Java Edition. The Java 8 with 64 bit is provided on the Java website. Make sure, install the RAM according to your system capacity. Never try to exceed its amount forcefully. I can lower your system.

How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft Technic Launcher

If you’re running the technic launcher then you must be facing issues of lags. Below you’ll see a detailed guide on how to allocate more ram to your technic Minecraft launcher. Here are the steps:

1) Check Your System RAM

Before working on the error, you need to check the amount of RAM you already have. When you tackle the issue, you should know about the available physical space on your PC. Get it done by following the instructions given below. Those commands can vary as per your operating system.

  • Click on the Windows icon and then the R keys. It will bring up a run dialogue box. Type the “cmd” command and push the enter button. In system info, you can find ‘Total Physical Memory’ in megabytes within a few seconds.
  • For MAC OSX users, there are tutorials available to check the system memory on their website.
  • Similarly, If you want to find it in Linux, type ‘Free’ after opening ‘Terminal Window.’

After checking the RAM amount, you are good to go with your hunt.


You require a minimum of 2 GB to play games in a better way. If you plan to play in a more intensive course, you can install 4 GB(4096 MB) to 6 GB (6144 MB). 

Also Note: Vanilla Minecraft mod requires smaller memory allocation for minecraft than modded gameplay.

2) Check Java Installation

If you install the latest void launcher, you can automatically find the Java edition on your Computer. On the other hand, you can download the latest version to get Java along with it. 

Furthermore, if there is not enough memory available, it causes the crash. You will be unable to connect with the server, or you can’t even start your game. At that stage, it’s crucial to install more to resolve the issue. Similarly, if you have enough memory on your PC, you won’t have such problems, and you will enjoy gaming.

On the other hand, if you are still facing issues with your Minecraft server. Even if the latest Java version is installed correctly, you need to give more memory to your system. Make sure that you have shut down all the different applications. For example, close all games and google browser tabs.

In addition, if you have done all the above steps but still have the problem, manually install the memory. Forgoing to give memory, pick more than 1 GB. If you have Windows with 32 bits Java installed, you will have a limit of 1.5 GB Ram only.

3) Allocating More RAM to Technic Minecraft Launcher

That is the same as ATLauncher. All heavy modpack launches for the game need it. The modpacks boost up your child to make him a coding expert. The user interface is crucial, and you should know about it. 

Let’s discuss the steps: 

  • Step 1: First, Open the Launcher and find the gear settings icon from the right top corner.

  • Step 2: After clicking on the setting icon, click on the tab of Java settings. 

  • Step 3: Now, you will see a Memory label in the drop-down menu. Click on it and select your desired memory. You must need a minimum of 4 GB of RAM for modded gameplay. 

  • Step 4: You don’t need to save the changes, as those are changing automatically. Only wait for a few seconds and close it on the safe side.

Now you are ready to start your game again and check the improvements. 

Happy Gaming!!!

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Final Verdict

In our personal experience, don’t force your weak RAM to work. Always try to increase the power of your game by giving it back up. The Tech team has created a great launcher to make the process easier. The stronger your Computer, the incredible gaming experience you will get. 


What’s the Standard RAM for Technic Launcher?

2.5 GB to 3.5 GB is the best option for solid memory. They have been added as memory options in the launcher. The Java 0.7.2 version is excellent for such activity.

What’s the Way to Fix Memory Issues?

There is only one way to raise the performance is to install the driver. From the top right corner, click on the gear option and then add RAM from Java settings.

How Much Memory Does Your Game Need to Perform Well?

Without mods, 3GB is fine. But with mods, you should install 4GB to 5GB. Also, it would help if you shut down other programs. You should avoid virtual memory use. The physical one is alright to use it.

Does Your Game Influence too Much Use of Memory?

The game puts a lot of load on your operating system. It puts your design on a worse level. It’s better to avoid too much use.

What is the Reason Behind the Use of So Much RAM?

It is required because of the high load of the game on your computer or server. 

How Much Memory Does FTB Modpack Need?

You need 4 GB of revelation memory which is recommended for all the clients and servers for best results. Also, Java version 8 is best for that gaming activity. Java 9 is the latest version, but it’s not suggesting at all. The support team of FTB revelation helps to solve the problem if any. 

Is 8 GB Good Memory to Use for Gaming?

You should know how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft Technic Launcher. 8 GB is enough for most users, but if you want to operate other applications, you need about 16 GB or more. The less value can put your Computer at risk and cause lagging. Similarly, if you have more than your requirement, it can’t improve much.

Should I Use all 4 RAM Slots?

It’s not essential to use all the slots. Most of the people add up according to their requirements from time to time.

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