Destiny 2: Legendary Lost Sector Today [Secret Revealed]

One of the most sought-after items in Destiny 2 and every other game is the legendary Lost Sector. A player of the game found the first-ever, and it has been publicized on different social media channels and streaming services. There are several ways players can identify a Lost Sector, but one way of doing so is to look for what they call “a wall where you would get ammo from.” This term refers to one common location found in Earth’s Old Russia near the Cathedral.

The church itself has three towers with two side entrances and one main entrance at its front. The Lost Sector can be found on either of these sides or through these doorways. Though not necessary, using a tracker and following symbols helps when searching for the Lost Sector. To access this area, players must first complete the Fallen S.A.B.E.R strike in The Warmind DLC and then select The Gateway modifier from that same menu once it is open again in the director’s menu.

Once inside the Lost Sector, players will see a pile of rocks and a small room just beyond the entrance. As they approach this area, players will notice that there is no room beyond it and that the floor dissolves into nothingness. At this point, all Guardians must do is jump down into what appears to be an abyss or deep hole.

This should lead them to the Vex TimeGate, which is used for the heroic version of the Lost Sector, but also to a “hidden” area under The Tower. However, some players believe that they are at the top of the tower when they are on its lowest floor by jumping down into this abyss. However, players will see an exotic chest at the foot of the pillar near the other chest once done correctly.

The best part about this is that the chests respawn, so it should be done frequently until players get what they want or manage to earn a drop from them. We all know how difficult it can be to earn an exotic in Destiny 2, making these two chests a gold mine for Guardians who want to try their luck.

Bear in mind that this location is only available to those who have finished The Warmind DLC, so for most players, it is useless. If you want to know more about the game, I suggest you read out the Destiny 2 Wiki guide. It has information regarding different missions, bosses, locations, and other types of activities players can perform in the game.

It might even help you find out about other hidden chests, such as the secret one under Nessus or another strongbox at an area near The Rig’s Lost Sector, which is just beside its surroundings and goes by the name of Leviathan’s Breath. These two areas are only a few of many that hold some exciting and exotic chests for players to find.

Additionally, it offers missions, Crucible maps, expected raids expected later this summer, as well as the return of strikes featuring modifiers across all platforms. Finally, Warmind brings back exotic weapons for players to earn once more. And that’s not even mentioning the new region “Hellas Basin,” a brand new area that players can explore.

All of this makes for a very content-rich expansion, and the best part is that it’s free for those who have purchased the game’s Expansion Pass. However, if you haven’t, you should buy it as it will enable you to avoid being caught up in the storm of players trying to get their hands on these chests.

It’s an excellent opportunity for Guardians. Many have already been able to claim their prize thanks to this trick that has gone viral across platforms such as Twitter and Reddit since being discovered just a couple of days ago. Players have been excited about this discovery because it could mean they’ll have a chance to earn an exotic item.

Furthermore, this remains one of the easiest ways to get exotic gear in the game so if you’ve been waiting for something like this, then look no further. Additionally, players are left with only one question remaining, “How long will it last?” So grind while you can, Guardians, because Bungie has yet to patch this method, and it’s bleeding players dry of loot.

Until then, happy looting everyone! Stay tuned for more updates and news regarding Destiny 2:  Legendary Lost Sector Today!


What is the secret chest under The Tower?

This secret chest is located at the lowest part of The Tower, and it can be found by jumping down an abyss nearby. It appears to be a gap that leads into darkness, but players should know that this gap will take them near the pillar where the exotic chest rests. However, one needs to make sure that they are not under The Tower when jumping, or else they will die.

How do I get the secret chest near the Lost Sector?

The secret chest near The Tower’s Lost Sector can be found by looking for “a wall where you would get ammo from.” This is important because it means that there should be an object nearby that fills special weapons. Just look for a wall and start shooting it, and you should tap into a remote area that holds the chest.

How do I get the secret chest in Nessus?

The secret chest in Nessus can be found by going to a cave near its Lost Sector, located west of the Exodus Crash zone. It’s not too far away, so just look for an entrance to the right side of the area.

What is the secret chest at The Rig?

The secret chest near The Rig’s Lost Sector can be found by looking for a small nook between two buildings. Players will know they are in the right place because they should see graffiti along the wall that says “El Lobo.”

How do I get the secret chest on Mercury?

The secret chest near Mercury’s Lost Sector can be found by looking for a small ledge. Players will find this pretty quickly as it is located right before the first Lost Sector. Make sure that they know that there is a circular platform with a Vex gate before reaching the ledge because that will lead them to sparrow racing.

Where is the secret chest at The Tangled Shore?

This secret chest at The Tangled Shore’s Lost Sector can be found by looking for a red door near its entrance. It appears to be more of an exit, but players should know that it leads into a room that contains the chest even if it looks like a dead end.

Where is the secret chest in EDZ?

The secret chest in EDZ’s Lost Sector can be found by looking for an entrance that appears to be blocked off from being opened from the inside. Players will know they are in the right place once they see some crates stacked on top of one another.

Where is the secret chest on Titan?

This secret chest in Titan’s Lost Sector can be found by looking for a cave with some shallow water. Players will know they are in the right place once they see a large boulder appear to have rolled over rocks and where there is a lot of dust in the air.

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