What Does Depth Strider Enchantment Do In Minecraft

What Does Depth Strider Do In Minecraft

Are you wondering what does depth strider enchantment do in Minecraft? A new update to Minecraft multiplayer servers has brought depth strider, one of the most anticipated features. Depth Strider is a relatively simple feature that will give players more freedom to explore. It’s available in both Creative Mode and Survival Mode, meaning it’s not just for multiplayer servers anymore. You should see this new feature all around.

Minecraft has seen some changes over the years to keep things interesting. The latest change was an update that made exploration even better than before.

One of the essential enchantments is Depth Strider. This will allow you to travel long distances and defeat found in later stages, such as Ender Dragon or journeying far away from your village.

What is Enchanting in Minecraft?

Enchanting is a way to give any item power by using experience points and materials. The enchantment will be applied to the item at hand, and you can enchant anything from tools and weapons to armor and bows. You should always make sure that you’re overleveled for the area that you’re in, as it’s effortless for enemies to kill you if you’re not.

To enchant a piece of equipment, first, select an item from your inventory and then place it on one of the tables. The Enchanting Table will output three different effects depending on how many bookshelves are around or any luck involved in determining what happens next. Moreover, if you face lags while doing enchanting you need to give minecraft more ram to run your game smoothly.

You can also create some powerful enchantments, such as Depth Strider, which we’ll go over later on!

How do I make an Enchantment Table in Minecraft?

To create an Enchantment Table, first, you will need to collect some obsidian. This is the only place where it can be found naturally, so you’ll need to look around in caves or at the bottom of deep ravines if there isn’t any nearby. Once you’ve found your desired block of obsidian, use a diamond pickaxe to grab it and place it on the ground.

It has an ID number of 52, making it easier for you to set up a way to obtain more from one block of obsidian. This will be used as the workbench for your enchantments!

How do I get Experience Points in Minecraft?

Experience points are a vital part of Minecraft and can benefit you in many ways. If you’re looking for enchantments, then gaining experience points will help you unlock the ability to add them to your equipment so that it’s more powerful than ever before. You can get experience points by mining various materials such as coal, iron, diamonds, and gold.

What Does Depth Strider Do In Minecraft

Many people don’t know what depth strider is. Depth Strider is a new feature in Minecraft that lets players explore more freely. It can be accessed in Creative Mode and Survival Mode, which means it isn’t just for multiplayer servers anymore. You’ll see this new feature all around.

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How Does Depth Strider Work?

Depth strider is a simple feature that will give players more freedom to explore. It has no function in the game itself, so it doesn’t serve any purpose-it’s purely aesthetical. The way depth strider enchantment works are that when you are in the water, you can move your legs back and forth quickly to swim faster, but when you are going to walk out of the water, your speed will be reduced to a slow jog or walk. With depth strider activated, whenever you move in and out of the water, your walking/jogging/running speed never changes-it will stay a fast run.

How Do I Get Depth Strider In Minecraft?

You can get depth strider in both Survival Mode and Creative Mode, but you cannot use it on a multiplayer server. In creative mode, type “/depthstrider” into chat to activate it-this will only work if the cheats option is turned on. In survival mode, you must enable cheats, then type “/b elastic” to get unlimited elasticity in water. Now type “/depthstrider” (without quotes) to activate depth strider-again this only works if the cheats option is turned on.

Are There Any Cons With Depth Strider?

Depth strider doesn’t serve any purpose; it’s purely for aesthetic use. It gives you more freedom to explore, but it can take some getting used to. With this new feature, you now have much less friction in the water, so if you aren’t careful and try to walk up a slope or stairs, you could find yourself sliding.

Is Depth Strider Better Than Nether Wart?

Depth strider is a simple feature that gives players more freedom in the game. While nether wart gives them more useful options with mining-yes depth strider is better! I recommend you give it a try! 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading about the effects of depth strider. It’s a relatively simple feature that will give players more freedom to explore, and can be found in both Creative Mode and Survival Mode. I recommend giving it a try on some multiplayer servers!

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