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A Basic Prop asset pack to include to our current asset packs to make your video game appear lived in.

Simple Props Cartoon Assets

122 Prop prefabs
Payphones, Cardboard bins, Garbage bag, Rubbish piles, Wheelie Bins, Litter, Mailboxes, Billboards, Parking meters, Electric power bins with cables (Place on partitions), Ability cabinet, Very hot Dog cart, Ice cream cart, Donuts cart, Newspaper stands, Bus cease, Wood drop, Steel get rid of, Cellphone booths, Benches, Indicators, Fence, Vending machines, Steel cage for trees, ATM’s, Suburban mailbox, Pool, Swing Set, Pet Household, Protection camera, Roof lights, Planters, Skip with rubbish, PortaLoo, Sandpit, Fountains, Playground, Pipes, Drain, Pallet and additional.

Simple Props Minecraft Building
Simple Props Minecraft

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.