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A Easy Item asset pack to incorporate goods to our current Uncomplicated character packs.

184 Goods
Briefcases, Handbags, buying baggage, Cellphones,Tablets, Dumbbells, Spade, Cigar, Smoking Pipe, Cigarette, Binoculars, Pill Bottles, Blood bag, Cordless Drill, Walkie talkies, Bandages, Flare, Going for walks adhere, Gymnasium bag, Bucket, Boom box, Toolbox, Jerry can, Chilly Bin, Skateboard, Newspaper rolled, Apple, Orange, Banana, Corn, Carrot, IceCreams, Donuts, Burger, Hot pet dog, Pizza, Cookie, Taco, Meat, Cake, Muffin, Sandwich, chocolate bar, Can of soda, Strength consume, Bottle of beer, Bottle of beer in brown paper bag, Bottle of wine, Espresso, Milkshake, Cup, Bottle of h2o, Bottle of milk and carton, Jams, Wooden Baseball bat, Metallic Baseball bat, Fire axe, Axe, Knife, Butchers knife, Kitchen knife, Piece of wooden, Sledge hammer, Wooden with nails, Crowbar, Hammer, Machete, Spanner, Golfing club, Torch, Law enforcement batten, Frying pan, Katana, PipeWrench, Screwdriver, Pipe, Plunger, Income, Med Packs, Ammo packing containers, Publications, Magazine, Newspaper, Digicam, Riot shield, Chainsaws and more. 

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:32:58.