30 Minecraft Wall Ideas: Easy, Cool, Fancy, Simple Designs

minecraft wall ideas

If you’re looking for some best Minecraft Wall Ideas, look no further than these amazing designs creations!

Minecraft allows you to build big and amazing things with little pieces. There are many different kinds of Minecraft walls you can make, like brick ones and wood ones. You will find 30 of the best wall design ideas for Minecraft below with the download link.

30 Minecraft Wall Ideas

Minecraft is a game that allows players to create their world, with vast amounts of freedom in customizing the world’s terrain, weather patterns, and more. With all these options at your disposal, it can be hard to decide on what you want your world to look like-especially when it comes to designing the walls of your house! Below are some different cool ideas for Minecraft walls.

1. Bamboo Style Japanese Wall

Bamboo Style Japanese Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This wall is made from the typical wood blocks found in Minecraft. It has been designed to stand out from the standard solid-colored walls by using a light blue roof and bamboo paneling on the left side. In addition, this design features a brightly lit window with a Japanese lamp hanging beside it.

2. Tavern Style Wall

Tavern Style Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This is a wall that has been made in Minecraft’s typical style, with dark oak wood planks and an old musty look. However, this design goes beyond the norm by incorporating a sign for a tavern in front of the right side of the building and a small side door.

3. Stone Brick and Acacia Wall

Stone Brick and Acacia Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This wall is made from the typical cobblestone blocks found in Minecraft. The design has been made to stand out from the other simple stone houses by using a unique style. To give this wall an eye-catching design, the artist has chosen to use brown stained acacia wood, which complements the blue roof and window casing.

4. Fountain Wall

Fountain Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This wall features a beautiful fountain that is made out of the iconic cobblestone blocks. This design has been made to stand out from the other regular stone houses through its unique use of stained glass panes in various colors, with an eye-catching cobblestone base. The light shining through these windows creates a fantastic effect and makes this wall.

5. Tri-Wood Wall

Tri-Wood Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This wall design is composed of three different types of wood planks, which stand out from the typical wood planks found in Minecraft. The unique tri-wood look has been incorporated into the brown floor and blue roof to create a stylish house that can fit any blocky landscape.

6. Brick Wall

Brick Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This Minecraft wall is made from the standard brick blocks found in Minecraft. This design has been made to stand out from the other simple stone houses with its unique use of a beautiful garden, complete with flowers and a grape arbor. In addition, this stunning wall also features two stained glass windows on either side of the door.

7. Garden Shelf Wall

Garden Shelf Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This wall is slightly different from the others listed above, as it has been made using more unusual materials. In Minecraft, cobblestone can be used to make slabs and stairs, so this design uses these slabs to create a shelf within the wall for your plants! This is a great way to add some green to any building.

8. Stone Brick and Iron Fence Wall

Stone Brick and Iron Fence Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

The basic idea is the same as with the previous design. The only difference is that you can see right through it more clearly. This is ideal for watching sunsets or searching for groups of zombies roaming around the outskirts.

9. Tall Creeper Stone Brick Wall

Tall Creeper Stone Brick Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This exciting wall design features a tall creeper made out of regular stone bricks.

Spiders can climb up walls. The noises of Zombies and Skeletons might be scary. If you want to feel safe, a high wall can help because it keeps Creepers away. But make sure the windows are closed, so the Creepers do not come in after you.

10. Sandstone Helmet Wall

Sandstone Helmet Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This wall is excellent. It is made of stone bricks. The wall will make your house safe. If zombies or skeletons come, the wall will keep them away from your house.

11. Stone Brick and Dark Oak Fence Wall

Stone Brick and Dark Oak Fence Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This wall is a simple design. It’s made with the standard blocks in Minecraft but with dark oak fence blocks placed between them. This creates a contrast that makes the design unusual and exciting.

12. Quartz Minecraft Wall

Quartz Minecraft Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

Do you want your wall to be smoother and glossier? You might like this Quartz design. It has a cross-shaped pattern on it, with lanterns to brighten up the night. And it has banners on each projecting end, which is a nice touch of color.

13. Rapunzel’s Mossy Wall

Rapunzel’s Mossy Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

This wall design features a mossy cobblestone wall, complete with iron bars and Rapunzel’s lantern. This charming addition to the exterior of your home will ensure that you are protected from any creepers or skeletons at night! However, be careful not to use fire near the mossy stone bricks if you want it to survive!

This large, intricately detailed building stands more than ten blocks tall but may be scaled to your liking. This wall doesn’t take much to put together for inexperienced builders. All you need are some Mossy Cobblestone blocks and whatever decorative blocks you like.

14. Dark Wood Indoor Wall

Dark Wood Indoor Wall
Credits: whatifgaming.com

Dark wood walls are easy to make and look great with almost everything. In addition, they can also stand up to mobs better than many other types of wood. Minecraft’s dirt blocks go well with this wall style too. Just be sure you don’t build it out in the open.

Wood is essential for Minecraft walls. Oak logs, stone bricks, and leaves make the foundation of this wall. Dark oak stairs and fences make a sharp contrast with the design’s core.

15. Dark Wood Walls

Dark Wood Walls
Credits: whatifgaming.com

If you like the look of dark wood planks, then this design is for you. It’s made with both dark wood and spruce planks, so it goes well in a modern-style home. The pattern uses a “T” shape throughout the wall to give it a nice effect. This would be perfect in a house with a lot of focus on the interior, as it’s mainly just for decoration.

16. Rampart walls

Rampart walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This design looks a little more basic. It simply consists of cobblestone placed on top of grass blocks to create a wall. But it’s not just any wall: it comes with some extra items for decoration! Don’t worry, though even if you don’t have these items, the wall still looks nice and functional.

17. Ruined walls

Ruined walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This large wall can act as both decorations for your home’s exterior and protection from monsters. However, the pattern may look odd if you don’t build it on an angle. You place these blocks in a specific way to get this design, so be sure you know what you’re doing before attempting it.

18. Necropolis walls

Necropolis walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This wall is made up of stone brick and prismarine blocks. It has a secret to it that will surprise you when the sun goes down. During the night, this wall shines with an eerie green color that is sure to make your home look spooky.

19. Glacial walls

Glacial walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This wall is made with packed ice and snow blocks. Since the pattern is so simple, it makes a good base for other patterns if you’re creative enough. Players who use this as an exterior wall may want to put torches near to keep mobs away.

20. Temple walls

Temple walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This wall is in the shape of a dome, which in Minecraft can only be found in temples. It’s made out of dyed blocks in various colors. While it doesn’t serve many functions as a wall besides decoration, you’ll want to put this near your property.

21. Stronghold walls

Stronghold walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This wall is a little more complex to make, as it requires the use of diorite and acacia for those who don’t have those specific kinds of bricks. But if you want a wall that matches both your home’s interior and exterior, this design will work well.

22. Security walls

Security walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This wall is made of various forms of stone bricks and iron bars. It’s interesting that it acts as both a fence and wall, depending on the angle you’re looking at. The pattern makes it seem like there are three rows of blocks when there are only two.

23. Savanna walls

Savanna walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This wall comes in a blocky style that’s common to the savanna biome. It has a rustic look made from hard clay and acacia wood. This design would work well as an exterior wall, but it could serve other purposes, too, if you’re creative enough.

24. Dwarven walls

Dwarven walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This wall is made out of stone bricks, granite, and dyed clay. When you look closely at it, it seems like something straight out of a Tolkien novel. It’s the perfect way to show off your love for dwarves while also decorating your home.

25. City walls

City walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

The wall is made of stained clay, dark oak, and stone brick. It’s not only functional but also has an interesting design. The bricks are placed in a diagonal pattern that looks like it spirals inward. Due to the size, you’ll need to build this out on an angle if you want it to look right.

26. Castle walls

Castle walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This wall is a mix of stone brick and spruce wood. It has a castle-like design that looks amazing as an exterior wall or outside your home. If you’re going to use it as a decoration, be sure to keep it well-lit at night because mobs can spawn near these walls during this time.

27. Birchwood walls

Birchwood walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This wall is made with both birch wood and oak. As you can see in the picture, it has a unique design that makes it look like more than just two rows of bricks when there are only two. You can use this as an exterior wall or for decoration purposes.

28. Babel walls

Babel walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

This wall is made of various bricks, including sandstone and oak. It has a spiral pattern that looks like it comes straight out of Ancient Greece. If you want to build this wall out on an angle, be sure to use the correct block type, or else you’ll end up with nothing but half-bricks.

29. Arabesque Walls

Arabesque Walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

Arabesque walls come in a wide array of colors that makes them look aesthetically pleasing. It’s made out of sandstone and stained clay, giving it a unique style compared to other exterior wall designs. When you want something functional and show off your decorating skills, this wall will work well for both purposes.

30. Wireframe Walls

Wireframe Walls
Credits: gamingkk.com

Wireframe walls are meant to be used on the outside of your home. It’s made out of stone bricks with iron bars at the center. While it doesn’t look like much in terms of decorations, you can use it as a security wall by putting one or two doors along the dirt path leading up to your front door.



I’ve discussed over 30 best Minecraft wall designs, patterns, and awesome ideas that should give you plenty of inspiration no matter how big or small your world may be. Which design do you think is the best or impressed by your friends? Let us know in the comments section below!

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