Simple Farm – Cartoon Assets

A simple asset pack of automobiles, structures, props and figures to develop a farm centered match. Modular sections are straightforward to piece alongside one another in a range of combos.

Update 1.1
– Included Grime roads to link to Uncomplicated City
– Added a scarecrow
– Additional unique vegetation
– Additional a cattlestop
– Additional edition of trees without fruit

Simple Farm Minecraft

People (x4)
Farmer(x3), Farmers Wife(x3), Farmers Daughter(x3) and Farmer Wrangler(x3).

Vehicles (x7)
Tractor Common (x3), Tractor New (x3), Tractor Digger (x3), Harvester(x3), Harvester Hay(x3), Plow(x2), Farm truck(x3), and Farm Flatbed(x3)

Household01, Dwelling 02, Barn smaller (x3), Barn medium(x3), Barn massive(x3), Lose, Hen dwelling(x2) and Pig pen.

Natural environment
Windmill, Outhouse, Hay bale(x2), Haystack, Perfectly, Pitchfork 01, Pitchfork 02, Apple tree, Lemon tree, Orange tree, Ranch Signal, Crops (x6) H2o tower, driveway, Grass, Filth, wheelbarrow, Mailbox, Wooden Fence(x4)

Simple Farm Minecraft Assets