New World Turkey locations: how to get Feathers in New World

Want to discover Turkey locations in New World? Turkeys roam the entire world of Aeternum, gobbling as they trot close to various locations. While they are instead sweet to check out, Turkeys are the primary way to get feathers, poultry, and eggs in New Globe, making them pretty important.

This guide will stroll you via all the things that you require to come across and pores and skin Turkeys in New Globe, so that you can conserve time exploring for them and get on with completing quests for your faction.

How to locate Turkey spots in New Planet

If you want to come across a Turkey, you will not need to have to glance considerably. They can be identified in every biome in New Environment. That’s appropriate, just about every solitary biome! No matter if you are traipsing along a seaside, strolling by way of a forest, or meandering close to the grasslands, you could arrive across a Turkey.

If you’re just jumping into New Entire world, you can come across some Turkeys as you journey to the initially settlement in your starting location. No matter if you spawn in First Mild, Monarch’s Bluff, Everfall, or Windsward, you must uncover Turkeys around the key settlement. Just glimpse out for hostile enemies like wolves – they are fairly strong, specifically if you are however a minimal degree.

While looking Turkeys, keep an eye out for Turkey Nests. Turkey Nests contain eggs and feathers, so you can get even additional resources.

If you’d relatively look at a fairly map of Turkey locations, this interactive New Earth map has you included. Choose a look at the picture underneath to locate some Turkeys and Turkey Nests quickly in First Light-weight, Windsward, Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, and Cutlass Keys:

New World turkey and turkey nest locations around the starting settlements

If you aren’t near a person of the spots in the image, you can use some Azoth to rapidly vacation throughout the map, which is your only preference to vacation quickly, thinking about you can not get mounts in New World.

How to skin Turkeys and get Feathers in New Planet

When you get rid of an animal in New Planet, you will not be ready to just get the loot and run away. As a substitute, you will need to use a Skinning Knife.

You must get a Skinning Knife early on in New Environment, as it is aspect of the tutorial quests. However, if you skipped the tutorial quests, or your knife has broken, you’ll have to have to know how to craft a new a single. You can craft a Flint Skinning Knife at a Workshop utilizing 1 flint and 1 environmentally friendly wooden. This is a really standard resource, but it is superior ample to pores and skin a Turkey.

When you pores and skin a Turkey, you will get poultry, eggs, and feathers. Poultry and eggs are used in a selection of cooking recipes, while feathers can be employed to craft arrows at a Workbench. If your favorite ranged weapon is the bow, you’ll need to have feathers to get extra ammo during your journey in New Entire world, all the way to the level cap.

That is every little thing you need to know about Turkeys in New Entire world. If you are battling with other means, look at out how to come across Hemp and Fibre so that you can make a fishing pole. If you’re nonetheless new to New Globe and want some help, choose a search at our checklist of inexperienced persons strategies and tips. If you have invested lots of time levelling up, examine out the very best builds in New Entire world to obtain out how you need to use your attribute and mastery points.