The best New World rivercress and petal cap locations

If you’re seeking for rivercress in New Planet, then luckily for us this magical plant is reasonably simple to identify – the clue is in the identify. That’s ideal, rivercress can be found around rivers and waterfalls they are a pale, luminescent blue plant, with a floating, bubble-like body.

If you are now on the Weakness of the Moi quest, you have to have to gather rivercress stems – rivercress can be farmed for stems, leaves, bouquets, and drinking water motes. To harvest rivercress you have to have to be harvesting talent amount 30 or better and have a sickle geared up.

For the identical quest, you also require to discover petal cap destinations in New Earth – these can be found by harvesting (at any stage) fronded petalcaps, which glimpse like a cluster of unripe bananas with a glowing sprig sticking out the middle. Petal caps can also be applied to craft potions, corruption tinctures, and dyes. Here’s where to locate both of those rivercress and petal caps in New Earth for the Weakness of the Ego quest.

In which can rivercress stems be located in New Planet?

The greatest position to uncover rivercress is in Windsward and Everfall. You ought to also test out the most effective fishing hotspots in New Entire world as they can be located all over the edge of most lakes and rivers.

A character crouching next to a unique, magical plant in New World

In which can petalcaps be identified in New Globe?

The greatest spot to obtain petal caps is in woodland spots. If you’re in Windsward acquiring rivercress, this is also the place you can discover the most petal caps.

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There is a river managing just north of Fort Windsward wherever you can uncover each rivercress and fronded petalcaps. To speedy travel to these spots, verify out our New Planet quick travel spots tutorial, and the best weapons in New Entire world to fend off enemies and consider the plants for by yourself.

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