New World Briar Branches locations

Wherever can you find Briar Branches in New Entire world? Harvesting from Briar bushes in New Environment can yield a selection of diverse means like Briar Branches, which are required to entire the Windsward quest A Prickly Ask for. But with so significantly greenery all around the isle of Aeternum, sticking your deal with into just about every shrub to see if it truly is the one particular you might be on the lookout for is a time-consuming prospect. On this page, we help you save you (at minimum some of) the difficulties by explaining where you can come across Briars in New World.

Where to discover Briars in New Planet

The to start with little bit of great information is that you should not want to travel a great distance to discover Briars, as they can be discovered in the Windsward area exactly where you decide up the quest.

The 2nd little bit of great news is that you can slim your look for down to the riverbanks in the to start with instance, because Briars are significantly more most likely to be located there than wherever else on the map. They also have a lesser but nonetheless sizeable prospect of turning up in grassy fields close to to waterways, so by all means have a check if you will find grassland on your way to the river. Briars are only extremely rarely uncovered in forests, however, so will not squander your time searching there.

It can be tricky to decide on out one New Earth plant primarily based on its visual appearance by yourself, but you can identify Briar by its thorny, tangled look and darkish branches seen via sparse leaves. In addition to Briar Branches you can harvest this plant for Briar Buds, Thorny Vines, and Firefly Bait (the latter of which increases your possibilities of catching greater fish in clean h2o).

Which is it for Briar Branches, but we have a lot of other New Entire world source guides you may be fascinated in, from hemp and fibre to turkeys and even the ever-practical iron (which is normally practical for crafting weapons and armor). Or, if you might be searching for more of an overview, test out our beginners’ tips and tricks guidebook to New World, or see our solutions for the greatest character builds you can set jointly.