How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft Pocket Edition

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft Pocket Edition

Would you like to know how to find diamonds in Minecraft Pocket Edition? In our article, you will learn about how to get diamonds. It’s all about easy steps to take. To get diamonds in Minecraft, you do not need any apps or launchers. 

Let’s start.

Where do Diamonds Occur?

Same as in Minecraft PE, diamonds are one of the best items to find. With them, you can make great mining tools. It takes patience and time to mine diamonds. They are not readily available. 

Before searching for diamonds, be sure you have eaten well. Dig the ground at 45 degrees to bedrock, the deepest layer, and you will be able to get to it. You can explore the layer from layer 8 to 16 as (Especially layer 8) are diamond-bearing layers. You need to dig a central room around layers 8-11 (2 blocks tall, four blocks long, four blocks wide) and then branch out from the mine. 

It is sporadic to find a diamond, although the chances of finding one are very small. 

Vital Tools To Find Diamonds In Minecraft Pocket Edition

You need to carry the diamond and iron pickaxe to mine. The wood, stone, and gold pickaxe would not work. In such a case, you will only mine through the diamond ores without producing diamonds. You can also get diamonds by exploring cave systems. 

In the case of lava, you can use a bucket of water to create a path. The chance of finding diamonds fast in empty mine shafts or villages is rare but not impossible.

5 Secrets to How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft Pocket Edition

1) Enter Seeds

You can get the diamonds by entering into the seed. It is one of the most effective and easy methods to find diamonds. It is possible to find plants that naturally produce many diamonds. The diamonds near the spawn are also a good place for players to dig up seeds.

You can generate seeds by placing diamonds in villagers, chests or inside nearby shipwreck chests.

2) Ravines

There is another place where players can find diamonds: inside ravines. In many ways, the canyons are similar to caves, except they are broad and deep. Ravines form cracks in the world as they lead underground.

To get down into a ravine, players will need a water trail or a soft surface on which they can fall. There is no way to jump directly into a gorge without suffering damage.

3) The Fortune

When you see the diamonds, you should start mining by having a pickaxe enchanted with fortune. When using an enchanted pickaxe, it increases the amount of ore that is dropping. Getting gems will be easier with this method.

4) Caves

Many diamonds are present inside the cave in Minecraft. We think the caves-like places are common spots for players where they can get the diamonds.

In most caves, diamonds grow at the bottom. In most cases, they grow in tens or hundreds of clusters. Light blue diamonds will be visible on the blocks due to their soft blue glow.

5) Low Levels

It is most common to find diamonds in Y levels 16 and below. Within caves, diamonds tend to appear near lava most of the time. Observing low, nearby hills, as well as lava-covered areas, is critical.


Wherever and however you go: it all depends on you. But, remember one thing: do not dig straight down because you could fall into lava or a deep cavern.


We hope you have learned how to find diamonds fast in the Minecraft pocket edition. Moreover, if you have any confusion, you may ask freely. 

Happy Diamonds in pocket edition!

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