How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft PC

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft PC

How to find the diamonds in Minecraft PC? It is quite an exciting thing. So the diamond is a loving and rare diamond ore and generally founded in underground layers just close to the Minecraft Bedrock

The method reduces one diamond, two, and three diamonds whenever a mine has a pickaxe. Further, when mined with a pickaxe enchanted, it will fortune one, two, and three. 

When you end up Minecraft game, then the critical resource for players of Minecraft will be diamond. The crafting of diamonds is quite essential for beacons, high-tier gear, and various other things.

Further, It is also a fantastic trading source. No doubt to find diamonds is easy, but sometimes you may need to do grinding. 

Below is the detailed method for Minecraft best way to find diamonds:

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft PC

In the case of Netherite, iron, and gold, you need to go on smelting to get diamonds. The user can craft some specific items quickly if diamond ore blocks instantly drop diamonds. 

As for what level are diamonds found in Minecraft PC? 

Here is the same and the most popular method. You have to mine to craft the diamonds. 

From the experience of expert players, you can find out the wealthiest and fantastic diamond veins and even deposit to level 12 while starting from level five. According to their year’s experience, you can craft diamonds spawned below the sixteen layers.

It would be best if you did not mine Minecraft diamonds under the water exploration and significantly above the ground level. You can check some chest diamonds in the following location.  

  • Mineshafts
  • Fortresses
  • Villages
  • Shipwrecks
  • End city
  • Stronghold altars
  • Jungle and desert temples

How To Tell What Level You Are On In Minecraft PC? 

To get the level in diamonds quickly, you can use branch mining. From this, you can craft your first tool and diamond gear. Suppose you find out the diamond and iron on your first night of the game. Ultimately, you can get more resources. 

Below is the way of finding diamonds in Minecraft PC, and it is the same as the Minecraft on Xbox One. 

  1. Start digging by picking up a spot and searching on Minecraft instead in a downward direction in a straightway.
  2. When you reach 12 levels, then you should stop in the Y direction
  3. Now start searching in some branches, particularly in long stems. 
  4. Don’t forget to keep these branches block wide and block high.
  5. To cover more, you should ground feeders out in different directions. 
  6. To find the diamond quickly, the two-by-one extensions help a lot.

Luckily, if you find out about the deep and rich ravine, you may not use branch mining. No doubt, it saves you time. Besides, many canyons run simply exploring and deep below the surface during your killing or avoiding mobs. Then mobs will locate diamond blocks. 

The top-secret is here: when you search out for veins, you can collect more diamonds in a short time. 


To find out the Minecraft PC diamonds is quite simple. But the best place to find out diamonds levels twelve or level eleven like in Minecraft Xbox One. And digging a shaft for a cave system and deep ravine on your own will prove the best option for you. 

In simple words, it will save your time of digging and tools as well for the next day. 

Advice: you should use only blocks that are available for you. Otherwise, you may face fall damage. As a result, some ravines will kill you, and you may fall. 

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