How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft PE

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft PE

Most of the gamers ask How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft PE? The primary purpose of diamonds is to craft the best pieces of equipment and weapons in Minecraft. Besides, it is the hardest thing to find out about Minecraft. 

On the other hand, how to find diamonds in Minecraft fast on PE? It is a challenging task because diamonds are pretty rare. And I describe these things in two types. The first is preparation for mining, and the second is finding diamonds.  

Preparing For Mining In Minecraft PE

Below are the four Minecraft PE mining tips:

  • Crafting Of Diamond Sword, Shovel, Water Bucket, And Iron Pickaxe:

For mining, you need to mine the wood, golden pickaxe, stone, and diamonds. You may need a shovel that helps you to mine the dirt or sand. For self-defense, a diamond sword will be required. 

Suppose you caught some lava and fire, then the water bucket will save you. In the end, five sticks, six iron ingots will be required to create these tools.

  • Arranging The Foods

No doubt, to collect the diamonds you have to be ready for a long journey because diamonds found at the lowest level of the world. 

That’s why make sure your food and other reasonable provisions. In this way, you can stay a long time for better mining.

  • Use Of Torches

No doubt, the light will make your way bright. Further, with the help of light, you can prevent hostile mobs from spawning and prevent you from falling into deep ravines.

  • Use Of Water Bucket

In most cases, lava appears at the diamond level. Then a water bucket helps against the lava. Ultimately, with the water bucket, the lava will form obsidian with a water bucket.

Now I am going to describe the second part of the article, which is:

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft PE

  • How To Use Mine In Minecraft PE?

Before reaching the Y-11 level, you should find a suitable cave system. It is the best way to find diamonds in Minecraft PE. Further, the diamond ore in the most common cases is located near layers 1 to 15, and the highest density of diamond ore is mostly 10 to 12.

  • What To Do At Level Y-11?

To reach Y-11 level, you have to dig two by two spiral stairs. Because exploring diamonds is a pretty chance to find the diamonds Minecraft PE. Further, striping mine will be the best option if you can’t find any diamonds.

Remember, don’t dig in a straight downward direction. Otherwise, you may face falling in lava or into the dungeon because you don’t know about the underneath blocks while searching. 

  • Start The Mining

When you reach the Y-11 level, then it is time to start mining. So you should dig two tall blocks of mine and two mines two other blocks at some distance to previous blocks. 

In this way, you should dig 30 blocks, and it is the best place to find diamonds in Minecraft PE. Experts recommend creating a chest because the chest will help you to store cobblestone and excess ore during your mining. 

  • Digging For Minecraft PE Diamonds

As you, diamonds are rare globally, even in the game, so hard to find. In general, there are only 1% blocks of diamonds in the lowest levels. That’s why when you find a diamond in Minecraft, PE will be your luck. If you are playing Minecraft on Xbox then consider reading that article. 

Besides, patience to find diamonds is quite an important thing, especially in mining. Setting the craft wither and setting off some TNT will be the best option for a lazy player. 

Same as don’t forget to move in Creative Mode before the explosives. Plus, the point is that explosives will save your time. On the other hand, you may face losing gold ore or diamond ore during the explosives. 

These techniques are the best options for how to find diamonds in Minecraft PE. 

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