How did Brian Christopher make his money? (youtuber, slots player)

Brian Christopher is a well-known YouTuber and slots player who has made a great deal of money over the years. In this article, we will explore how Brian Christopher made his money and some of the strategies he employs to succeed. From starting out as a part-time YouTuber to becoming one of the most viewed for gambling online in the world, read on to learn more about what makes Brian Christopher so successful.

Brian Christopher’s Early Life

Brian Christopher was born in 1981 in Burlington Canada, and started making money through his YouTube channel and slots playing. He initially started out by posting funny videos of himself, but soon began to make serious money from advertising. In 2016, he started his own Youtube Channel called Brian Christopher Slots.

What Brian Does on YouTube

He made a lot of money through his YouTube channel and slots playing.

Brian Christopher, popular YouTuber and slot player, has made a lot of money through his YouTube channel and slots playing. He started out by making videos about the game of slots, but quickly grew his audience by providing valuable tips and tutorials for new and experienced players alike. Brian also performs live casino shows where he shares his thoughts on specific slot machines, as well as giving out free bonuses to viewers who tune in.

His main focus is on slot machines and casino games, but he also does other types of videos such as making money with apps and investing.

Overall, Brian Christopher’s success as a YouTuber and slot player is largely due to his engaging content and willingness to share tips and tricks with his followers. He has developed a large following who enjoy hearing about his experiences playing video games and betting on slots online.

Brian’s Money-Making Techniques

Here are his money-making techniques.

  1. Start small. The first step is to start with smaller stakes, so you don’t get discouraged if you lose some money early on.
  1. Play frequently. Gambling produces a mood-altering high, so make sure to play often to prevent yourself from getting bored or resisting temptation, like this game that uses AI that helps their players to win more often than usual.
  1. Be disciplined. Don’t let yourself get carried away by the excitement of winning big times and forget to save your cash for later on. Build up a healthy bankroll slowly over time so you’re not overwhelmed when you do hit it big.
  1. Make use of Automated Slot Machines (ASMs). These machines give you the opportunity to play without having to interact with the machine itself, meaning you can stay focused on the game and enjoy more time gambling instead of waiting for your turn.
  2. Keep a positive attitude. If you start to feel down about your gambling habits, remember that it’s just a game and there’s no real harm done. Some people enjoy losing money, while others win big. It’s all about enjoying the experience in moderation.

How Brian Makes His Money from Slots

He is a well-known slots player and YouTuber. He started playing slots in 2004, and quickly became one of the best at it. In 2016, he created his own YouTube channel, called “Brian Christopher Slots”, where he publishes video tutorials on how to play slots effectively.

The money he makes from slots comes mostly from ad revenue. He also occasionally earns money through affiliate links, which pays him a commission for every sale made by a visitor who clicks on the link.

Overall, Brian Christopher seems to be doing pretty well for himself!


Brian Christopher is a successful YouTuber and slots player who has made a name for himself through his entertaining, informative videos. After taking off in the early 2010s, Brian Christopher’s channel now boasts over half a million subscribers and 390 million video views. With so much success under his belt, it’s no wonder that he invests some of his earnings back into expanding his business ventures.