Gamers And How Many Of Them Still Transition To Online Poker, Trying To Earn Money And Even Make A Living Out Of 

Gambling involves betting on the outcomes of an event that are unpredictable. Many games like Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack involve a considerable amount of luck, but many argue that being skilled can significantly improve a person’s chances. Hence there are many people who play a game of Poker to make a living, just like professionals as lawyers and doctors do.

Also, with the advent of online Casinos, playing games has become quite convenient, and the payouts are also quite high. There is more information here on the most recommended US online poker sites.

What Is Poker?

The game is played with a set of 52 cards, and players bet on who has the better set of cards. Depending on the set of cards, a person can fold that to agree to his defeat, or he can call for a raise that increases the stakes if he has a good set of cards. There are many versions in which Poker is played.

In a version, a game is played with five cards, but the person is allowed to draw as many cards as he wants till he gets a desirable set of five cards. Again, there is another version in which a person plays with seven cards, but here some of the cards are shown to everybody, that is, they are in the face-up position. It is very important for a person to choose the kind of game he wants to play because some versions have a higher probability of winning.

Again, in the case of Poker, the odds are slightly more in favor of players as compared to Slots, where the Casino has a higher odds of making money. In Poker, players are pitted against each other, and the most skilled one will win. Thus, unlike in other games here, a gamer is pitted against another player and not the Casino.

Is It Still Work To Make Living Out Of Poker?


Having A Manageable Working Schedule

Most people enjoy the liberty that this game gives them. They can enjoy and earn money at the same time. Also, it is quite different from a regular nine-to-five job. Also, with the advent of online Casinos, a game can be enjoyed from the comforts of one’s own home. Thus, this saves commute time, and people can manage to have a lot of free time to spend with their families. Also, with the COVID-19 pandemic, most jobs have become work-from-home, yet the timing is not as flexible. Hence, people who enjoy having their leisure time and also want to earn well can definitely be professional players.

People Can Make A Lot Of Money

In a regular nine-to-five job, people get a lot of perks like insurance, retirement benefits, performance bonus etc. However, when one is a professional player, then such benefits are not available. Hence the only way to make up for the loss of benefits is to earn a lot of money. Poker does allow people to earn quite a lot of money.

Many still consider it to be a game of luck, and hence having a whole career based on luck seems to be a foolish proposition. However, it is more about skill, and if a person is confident about his skills, then he can earn a lot of money. To earn a good amount of money, people should know which game to play; a game that allows a constant drawing of cards gives a better chance of winning.

Again, being in the game for a longer duration proves to be beneficial to the skilled person in the long run. Hence, it is just like every other profession where the higher the person’s skill or abilities the higher his salary or win amount.

Not Being Answerable To Someone


Many people do not like being answerable to someone, and unfortunately, in the workplace, they are answerable to their bosses. In case a person chooses to make a living out of Poker, then he is his own boss and needs to be reporting to someone as long as he has enough confidence in his own skill and abilities. Hence, if a professional gamer wants to take a week off, he does not have to write emails and letters and then wait for a long time to get a green signal. He can just drive off as and when he wants to.

Chances Of Growth

Most people want steady growth in their careers. Even a gamer is not restricted if he wants to grow. These days there are multiple Casinos, and they offer a wide variety of games. Also, the payouts and bonuses offered are quite lucrative. Hence, the only criteria to start playing professionally is to have a large amount of starting capital. Many people have a large amount of inherited wealth, and some others choose to work and earn a sum large enough so that they can follow their passion.

Ability To Follow One’s Passion


Many creative and talented people follow other professions that they do not really enjoy. Many people want to become writers, sportspersons or painters, and yet they cannot follow their passion because they do not get the right opportunity or want a regular job. However, following one’s passion gives a lot of satisfaction. It is often said that when people do what they like doing, their efficiency at work increases manifolds.


Thus, there is no reason to think that taking a full-time career as a Poker professional has gone out of fashion. In fact, if a person can manage the short-term fluctuations in income and if he can upskill himself constantly, then he can manage his expenses quite well. In fact, with the present job formats, most people crave the freedom to choose their work timing; in such a scenario, a professional gamer is in a win-win situation. He can choose when to work, how to work and enjoy it at the same time.