Did You Know Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Has A Secret Code To Enter?

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

Yesterday saw the launch of Tremendous Monkey Ball Banana Mania on Swap, and if you resolved to get a duplicate for yourself, we have obtained a very little trick for you that you might want to check out out.

In a neat small touch, Banana Mania lets you input a top secret, concealed code on the principal menu. By doing so, you can modify the observe participating in in the background from the regular instrumental menu tunes to its comprehensive vocal variation.

We acquired our attractive online video producer Jon to show for us:

To do this by yourself, simply head to the principal menu and maintain the remaining analogue adhere in an up-still left diagonal place, then press L L R L R R. Ta-da!

If you missed it yesterday, make guaranteed to also verify out Banana Mania’s wonderful launch trailer when you’re listed here. We also have our total evaluation of the activity for you if you’re nonetheless undecided on buying a copy.

Thanks to Scapetti for the tip!