Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Does Not Have Too Many ‘Anime Sword Users’

Now that Sora’s arrival has sealed the offer on the Tremendous Smash Bros. Best roster for fantastic, I can finally say what I have been keeping back again for many years: the video game does not have much too quite a few “anime sword users.” It is the most screeched criticism about the video game, and it drives me up a wall. Although I get the place it will come from, it’s also totally overblown and inaccurate. I’m not expressing you should not be concerned with these a thing – range is the spice of lifestyle, and no just one needs an overabundance of the similar character form. But it is not practically as a lot of an issue as sword-haters would have you feel, and I’m listed here to prove it in just about every scientific and absurd way imaginable.   

To start with, let us split down the term “anime sword person.” What does that truly signify? The label “anime” does not make perception as none of the characters in Smash come from an genuine anime. They’re all original video clip game characters. There is no anime to be experienced. 

You could now be indicating, “You’re arguing semantics. They search like anime people.” I guess? I indicate, if you’re indicating they look like Japanese cartoons, then information flash: approximately the entire roster falls into that distinction. In actuality, the only non-Japanese fighters are Banjo Kazooie, Minecraft Steve, and – to get super duper specialized – the tie-donning Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and King K. Rool (for the reason that Unusual, a British studio, conceived these fellas in spite of Nintendo possessing the figures). 

Do not head me I’m just poking entertaining at this objectively silly portion of the criticism. I know the “anime sword user” phrase arose from the perceived abundance of Fireplace Emblem characters, fighters who best match the prototypical “anime look” (whatsoever that is). What folks truly feel to indicate is that there are far too a lot of Fireplace Emblem reps in Smash, however even that criticism hardly retains drinking water. Has everyone counted the roster? There are eight Hearth Emblem fighters in a activity of 80+ people. Really just take that in. Out of 82 figures (89 with Echoes, but we’ll stick to the official quantity), only eight hail from Fireplace Emblem. Scarcely 10 per cent of the roster is too a great deal? 

Ultimate’s roster has 11 characters from the Mario sequence. Twelve when you involve Donkey Kong (which he entirely counts, but I’m staying ultra-distinct for the sake of argument). Which is roughly 14 percent of the roster, however pretty minor in the grand plan, but why does no 1 flip their lids about this? Not only that, but individuals were screaming at Sakurai to add Waluigi! Hey, I’m a person of them – I have needed that purple goof in the recreation for decades. But I also never complain about any sequence acquiring as well lots of representatives. I odor some bias in opposition to Fire Emblem. 

Would it be acceptable if Luke Skywalker, an American-produced swordsman, joined the roster? That is a rhetorical question, as I know the main difficulty lies in the swords themselves. But for these who just dislike everyone who makes use of these a weapon no issue what they look like or in which they arrive from, let’s split down how many pure sword wielders the video game definitely has.

Out of Tremendous Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 82-character roster, only 22 use a sword as their most important weapon. Listed here they are beneath:

  • Byleth
  • Chrom
  • Cloud
  • Corrin
  • Dark Pit
  • Hero
  • Ike
  • Website link
  • Lucina
  • Marth
  • Meta Knight
  • Mii Swordfighter
  • Pit
  • Pyra/Mythra
  • Robin
  • Roy
  • Sephiroth
  • Shulk
  • Sora
  • Steve
  • Toon Backlink
  • Youthful Url

These fighters account for just shy of 27 p.c of the full roster, or a minor in excess of 1/4. That could possibly audio considerable, but it also means 60 figures don’t use swords as their key weapons. Sixty figures! Most battling games are fortunate to have 30 or 40 figures total. “Too much” would propose that at minimum 50 percent the roster swings a sword. They don’t! To more drive this place dwelling, and due to the fact practically nothing states “I’m right” far better than a visible help, I painstakingly designed this practical and fascinating pie chart for reference: 

As you can see, the visible illustration of non-sword end users resembles Pac-Male. You know who also isn’t going to use a sword? Pac-Person. Coincidence? I think not. What does it indicate? Some thing.

Searching at it like this, you are going to see that there is an too much to handle selection of fighters that would not drop into the detested sword classification. Therefore, in truth, there are a myriad of possibilities for those who despise sword people with the burning passion of a thousand Hotheads. So why are we however on about “too quite a few sword users”? 

There are also a several caveats to consider that more bolster my argument: 

  • Sora’s keyblade isn’t a sword. It is a significant ol’ key. Guaranteed, he swings it like a sword, but no one particular would call me a swordsman if I swung a broom close to. Sometimes it turns into one thing far more blade-like, but it won’t in Smash (very likely thanks to the absence of Disney involvement). 
  • Pit/Dark Pit are essentially the same character, so you could argue they count as a single sword user. They also wield twin swords that play a lot more like twin daggers than everything. Not your grandmother’s sword consumer at all. 
  • The Website link trio performs largely the same with some slight variances, so you could also argue they are just variants of a one sword person.
  • Steve scarcely cracks this record as his sword is undoubtedly not the star of his moveset. He could effortlessly be cut. 
  • No a person cares about Mii Swordfighter. Time period. 

Seem, I’m not indicating you have to like Sephiroth, Lucina, or Shulk. I, as well, get weary of Ike batting me about like his personal shuttlecock. I’m just declaring that now Tremendous Smash Bros. Final is correctly finished, it is time to retire the lame, worn-out “why can not I hold all of these anime sword customers???” grievance with it. Just say you don’t like them. The quantities really do not lie. Ornery followers, on the other hand? Perhaps just a very little little bit.

*Last notes to squash some prospective rebuttals: 

  • Ganandorf wasn’t included since he throws fingers as usually as he whips out his broadsword. 
  • That is a knife that Joker utilizes.
  • You might be significantly likely to check out and lump in Kirby? Definitely?