Valhelsia 3 – Modpack – 1.16.5

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The Valhelsia 3 modpack is, as its name suggests, the sequel to Valhelsia 2 (we interviewed the creators of this modpack in our previous article). The latter had made a big noise in the modpacks by adding a selection of very high quality mods. That’s why I can announce you that Valhelsia 3, in gestation for a few months now, is back on version 1.16 of Minecraft with a long list of qualitative mods.

The pack includes many of the most popular classic mods to make veteran gamers feel at home but also many amazing new mods, keeping the pack fresh and full of new experiences just waiting to be realized.

Valhelsia 3 offers a new and invigorating experience for every Minecraft player, regardless of your playing style. Builders will love the huge selection of beautiful decorative blocks to expand the palette they can work with. Engineers and technical gamers have access to powerful automation and machines. Adventurers will find many structures to discover around the world, many caves and underground dungeons, and much more as they travel to other dimensions. You might even find rare artifacts !

valhelsia edition 3

Technical characteristics of Valhelsia 3

  • Amazing new biomes with Biomes O’ Plenty.
  • Lots of new blocks to make your home look fantastic.
  • New structures and dungeons to discover, generated by the mod Valhelsia Structures.
  • Create fully automated factories via the Mekanisme mod and others like Immersive Engineering.
  • Create new armors and tools yourself.
  • Creators choose from a selection of mods designed to add fantastic new options to your Minecraft experience; it’s not a modpack that adds things for the fun of it, each addition has its own benefit.

All mods in Valhelsia 3

  • Abnormals Core API (by SmellyModder)
  • Absent by Design (by Lothrazar)
  • AI Improvements (by DarkGuardsman)
  • AIOT Botania (by MelanX)
  • AmbientSounds 3 (by CreativeMD)
  • Apotheosis (by Shadows_of_Fire)
  • AppleSkin (by squeek502)
  • Aquaculture 2 (by Shadowclaimer)
  • Armor Toughness Bar (by tfarecnim)
  • Artifacts (by ochotonida)
  • Atmospheric (by paradiscal)
  • AutoRegLib (by Vazkii)
  • Autumnity (by martianarchitecture)
  • Back Tools (by ohaiiChun)
  • Bamboo Blocks (by bageldotjpg)
  • Bed Benefits (by DarkhaxDev)
  • Bedspreads (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Better Advancements (by way2muchnoise)
  • Better Burning (by DarkhaxDev)
  • Better Title Screen (by Girafi)
  • Better Weather (by Corgi_Taco)
  • Biomes O’ Plenty (by Forstride)
  • Bones (by ochotonida)
  • Bookshelf (by DarkhaxDev)
  • Botania (by Vazkii)
  • Buzzier Bees (by bageldotjpg)
  • Caelus API (TheIllusiveC4)
  • CC: Tweaked (by SquidDev)
  • Cherished Worlds (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Client Tweaks (by BlayTheNinth)
  • Cloth Config API (by shedaniel)
  • Clumps (by Jaredlll08)
  • Comforts (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Controlling (by Jaredlll08)
  • Cooking for Blockheads (by BlayTheNinth)
  • Cosmetic Armor Reworked (by LainMI)
  • Crafting Tweaks (by BlayTheNinth)
  • Curio of Undying (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Curios API (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Curious Elytra (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Curious Shulker Boxes (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Dark Utilities (by DarkhaxDev)
  • Dash (by ModdingLegacy)
  • Decorative Blocks (by stohun)
  • Default Options (by BlayTheNinth)
  • Double Slabs (by CJMinecraft01)
  • Drawers Tooltip (by Snownee_)
  • Enchanted Book Redesign (by tfarecnim)
  • Engineer’s Decor (by wilechaote)
  • Enhanced Mushrooms (by Ep1c312)
  • Extended Lights (by Polyvalord)
  • Extra Boats (by Markus1002)
  • Farmer’s Delight (by vectorwing)
  • Fast Leaf Decay (by olafskiii)
  • FastFurnace (by Shadows_of_Fire)
  • FastWorkbench (by Shadows_of_Fire)
  • Fishing Real (by PricelessKoala)
  • Forbidden and Arcanus (by cesar_zorak)
  • Friendly Fire (by DarkhaxDev)
  • FTB Backups (by LatvianModder)
  • Goblin Traders (by MrCrayfish)
  • Hwyla (by TehNut)
  • iChunUtil API (by ohaiiChun)
  • Immersive Engineering (by BluSunrize)
  • Incubation (by Markus1002)
  • Industrial Foregoing (by Buuz135)
  • Inventory HUD+ (by dmitrylovin)
  • Inventory Sorter (by cpw)
  • Iron Chests (by ProgWML6)
  • JEI Enchantment Info (by Phylogeny)
  • JEI Integration (by SnowShock35)
  • Just Enough Items (by mezz)
  • Just Enough Resources (by way2muchnoise)
  • KubeJS (by LatvianModder)
  • Leap (by ModdingLegacy)
  • Light Overlay (by shedaniel)
  • Macaw’s Bridges (by sketch_macaw)
  • Macaw’s Doors (by sketch_macaw)
  • Macaw’s Roofs (by sketch_macaw)
  • Macaw’s Trapdoors (by sketch_macaw)
  • Macaw’s Windows (by sketch_macaw)
  • Mekanism (by bradyaidanc)
  • Mekanism Additions (by bradyaidanc)
  • Mekanism Generators (by bradyaidanc)
  • Mekanism Tools (by bradyaidanc)
  • MineColonies (by H3lay)
  • Miner’s Helmet (by ModdingLegacy)
  • Mouse Tweaks (by YaLTeR)
  • Nature’s Compass (by Chaosyr)
  • Neapolitan (by bageldotjpg)
  • Neat (by Vazkii)
  • Neon Craft Mod (by Polyvalord)
  • Netherite Horse Armor Mod (by louie_cai)
  • OldJavaWarning (by DarkhaxDev)
  • Open Loader (by DarkhaxDev)
  • OpenBlocks Elevator (by vsngarcia)
  • Overloaded Armor Bar (by tfarecnim)
  • PackMenu (by Shadows_of_Fire)
  • Pane In The Glass (by MongoTheElder)
  • Patchouli (by Vazkii)
  • Placebo API (by Shadows_of_Fire)
  • Polymorph (by TheIllusiveC4)
  • Powah! (by owmii)
  • Psi (by Vazkii)
  • Quark (by Vazkii)
  • Quark Oddities (by Vazkii)
  • RandomPatches (by TheRandomLabs)
  • ReAuth (by TechnicianLP)
  • Refined Storage (by raoulvdberge)
  • Refined Storage Addons (by raoulvdberge)
  • Runelic (by DarkhaxDev)
  • Savage & Ravage (by Farcr)
  • Scuba Gear (by ModdingLegacy)
  • Server Tab Info (by black_dog20)
  • ServerConfig Updater (by Darkere)
  • Simple Discord Rich Presence (by Sunekaer)
  • Snow Under Trees (by bl4ckscor3)
  • Spiders 2.0 (by TheCyberBrick)
  • Step (by ModdingLegacy)
  • Storage Drawers (by Texelsaur)
  • Structure Gel API (by ModdingLegacy)
  • Structurize (by H3lay)
  • SwingThroughGrass (by exidex)
  • Tetra (by mickelus)
  • The Mighty Architect (by simibubi)
  • The Conjurer (by ModdingLegacy)
  • The Endergetic Expansion (by endergized)
  • Titanium (by hrznstudio)
  • Toast Control (by Shadows_of_Fire)
  • Torch Slabs Mod (by EndlesNights)
  • Transport (by Sky_Som)
  • TrashSlot (by BlayTheNinth)
  • Upgrade Aquatic (by minecraftabnormals)
  • Valhelsia Structures (by ValhelsiaTeam)
  • Valhelsia Tweaks (by ValhelsiaTeam)
  • Waddles (by Girafi)
  • Waila Harvestability (by squeek502)
  • Waystones (by BlayTheNinth)
  • Worley’s Caves (by super_fluke)
  • Xaero’s Minimap (by xaero96)
  • Xaero’s World Map (by xaero96)
  • YUNG’s Better Mineshafts (by YUNGNICKYOUNG)

Pictures from Valhelsia 3

Download Valhelsia 3

If you need help installing modpacks, the Twitch launcher makes it easy. Go to Mods, bind your Minecraft, then search for “Valhelsia 3” in the modpacks and click install.

You will find more information about Valhelsia and the files to download on its curseforge page :

📥 Télécharger – Valhelsia 3 / ✅ Curseforge – Valhelsia 3

Note that the 1 GB of RAM allocated by default will not be sufficient. You will need to allocate at least 5 GB of RAM. See our guide to allocate more RAM to Minecraft.

Compatible with OptiFine 1.16.5 and OptiForge.

Server version of Valhelsia 3

You can install the modpack on a server, the link is the same as above, just look for the version that includes the term “SERVER”.