[Modpack] Roguelike Adventures And Dungeons – 1.12.2

Do you like roguelike dungeon exploration games ? Or exploring the world of Minecraft in search of dungeons and constructions for loot? Are you tired of all this technologies and just want to have pleasurable? Then the Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Modpack is for you.

It’s all about journey and exploration, looting and battling. Make your way through the dungeons, boost your skills and machines, total quests and conquer hazardous new and untouched dimensions. There’s no time to unwind, because as you get stronger and discover superior products, the mobs will get more robust too !

It’s not more than enough for you and you want additional ? Examine the new dimensions of the popular mods : Twilight Forest, The Betweenlands, Aether, The Beneath and Cavern II. Obtain new monsters, find out new landscapes and unsolved mysteries. Go as a result of dimensional doors to obtain labyrinths, dungeons and traps. Reduce by yourself in the enchanted forest where by time has stopped at dusk and fulfill monsters like the Lich, Hydra, and Naga.

Check out the wonderful earth of the Aether… Examine an awesome kingdom in the sky with the support of your airship ! Dive into the labyrinths, obtain new equipment, and combat even extra bosses.

modpack roguelike adventures and dungeons

Traits of the RAD modpack

  • tons of dungeons and new constructions to find and check out. Dive underground or examine the ruins on the area.
  • new dimensions with their individual bosses and adventures. ( The Twilight Forest, Aether, The Betweenlands, Cavern II, Beneath, Hunting Dimension).
  • Enjoy as a wizard and just take benefit of the advanced RPG-style spell system. No insane constructions, no talent trees, no elaborate recipes – just find spell guides, solid them and master the arcane.
  • Dragons: Ice and Fire – pick your dragon and tame it.
  • doors and portals that can teleport you to mazes, puzzles and traps (dimensional doors)
  • more robust and smarter monsters. Diablo-like modifiers for mobs will make you tremble with panic …
  • extra variety in monsters: from peaceful chameleons to frightening creatures.
  • quests that will tutorial you via the sport and give you troubles.
  • Earn cash for completing quests and trade them for worthwhile rewards.
  • escalating issue: as you get stronger, so do the monsters!
  • Airships: Fantastic for your exploration of the Aether.
  • random modifiers for your weapons and tools.
  • strengthen your capabilities and tools.
  • straightforward and extra superior Enderchest backpacks with their personal inventory for prolonged journeys.
  • some advancements are produced for wolves. Make a new good friend so you really do not have to travel on your own.
  • … and a great deal additional to uncover !
arbre modpack roguelike adventures and dungeons


Download and Installation

If you need to have assistance putting in modpacks, the Twitch launcher makes it straightforward. Go to Mods, link your Minecraft, then research for “Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons” in the modpacks and simply click set up.

You can uncover extra data about RD&A and the information to download on its curseforge website page if you want to go by way of Forge (take note that you will need to have to use version 1.12.2) :

✅ Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons – Curseforge

The 1 GB of RAM allocated by default will not be adequate, you will have to allocate 4 GB of RAM. See our guidebook to allocate a lot more RAM to Minecraft.

You can use Optifine (version 1.12.2), but don’t forget to disable Rapidly Render or you will get an error information.

Server variation of RAD

You can install the modpack on a server, down load the file in this article :

📥 RAD-Serverpack [1.12.2]