Square Enix Not Removing Belts From Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV character Alphinaud and friends look out to the bay.

Illustration: Square Enix

Rejoice, belt collectors of Ultimate Fantasy XIV. Contrary to what some gamers and retailers thought, the builders aren’t eradicating belt merchandise from the game entirely.

In the notes for the most recent 6. patch, known as the Endwalker growth, the developers stated that belts will no lengthier fall, and they won’t be obtainable from quests. Belts also simply cannot be crafted, fixed, marketed on the market, or outfitted to people. And materia can’t be extracted from belts, though the items will still exist as goods. They are just dead stock fat.

Ahead of the Endwalker expansion nerfs belts on November 23, marketplace business people should liquidate these objects. If materia is your issue, you will need to extract it prior to the maintenance period of time. Having said that, you’ll however be in a position to remove affixed materia from your belts right after the update.

But it’s not all doom and gloom in the belt-pocalypse. Specified belt stock slots will be reallocated to rings and major weapons. Gamers can also opt for to give their favorite belts to the Calamity Scavenger. For players who individual a Pace Belt, the Calamity Scavenger will trade a ring with the exact same specific influence. If the participant starts off a quest that involves belt objects, then a various quest product will be essential just after the Endwalker routine maintenance interval. And if you’re a procrastinator who did not regulate to extract your belts in time, you can however promote your previous belts to NPC vendors at any time.

These tweaks to the belt method replicate Sq. Enix’s wider attempt to handle the amount of inventory management in FFXIV. For many FFXIV players, striving not to drown beneath the excess weight of their very own crafting components is basically a minigame in itself. These variations to the belt technique accompany gameplay adjustments that eliminate substantial-top quality product drops in the wild.

No one is forcing players to get rid of their belts. Nevertheless, I firmly feel that if you actually adore a little something, you will need to discover how to allow them go.