We Played Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker And It’s Awesome

In a demo session, I had the prospect to perform a small slice of Closing Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker growth, which comes on November 23. Clearly, demo periods for MMORPGs and a selection of other genres are challenging beasts, but I did have a good deal of time to get some awesome arms-on with the new employment and investigate a dungeon, The Tower of Zot. As everyone who has played Shadowbringers in all probability already expects, Endwalker is shaping up to be as great as its predecessors in the growth realm.

The bulk of my time was put in playing a new melee DPS course, the Reaper. This course ebbs Bloodborne aesthetic, so that really a lot sealed the deal for me. However, the Reaper doesn’t just glimpse neat – based on the demo session, it must be a relatively difficult and dynamic injury class for individuals seeking to keep on their toes for the duration of all phases and variations of combat. With a ton of many contextual qualities to attract from and quite a few distinctive useful resource meters, the Reaper offers savvy damage-dealers with tons of possibilities to manage any condition. Though most players are acquainted with the concept of filling up a source reservoir to unleash impressive skills, the Reaper must juggle quite a few. 

Granted, it is totally possible to enjoy Reaper devoid of mastering the timing of the multitude of techniques and get pleasure from it way too, but hey, if you want to min/max your probable, some education is essential. That reported, I was much more snug just after a couple of hrs of play than I was staring at stacked skillbars when I picked up the character, so I do feel it is likely to be doable (and enjoyment!) for the wide bulk of players. Turning into the precise Reaper following charging up and unleashing large problems feels great. As is the scenario with all melee combatants, you have to have a way to get out of the action just as quick as you get in. Luckily, the Reaper has a cool tiny teleport portal you can set up, letting you to get in or out of the thick of matters as the come across dictates. In summary, I am enjoying a Reaper in Endwalker, and it is not close.

I didn’t spend substantially time on the Sage due to the fact, perfectly, I do not perform healer, ever, but I’ll say this – the visual identification of the two new courses right here is best-notch. Who is going to want to be a white mage after you have electro medical doctor Sage available? That’s a fantastic dilemma. Sage exudes coolness with its package, and honestly, I pretty much assumed about actively playing a healer. All right, not truly.

Even though I bought to roam all around a couple amounts, quests weren’t really out there in the zones, and the Fates (public quests) that I concluded were fairly typical – I will not spoil the surprises there, either. However, we did get to devote some good quality time in the Tower of Zot, one of Endwalker’s new dungeons. I performed the dungeon each with other gamers and with a Rely on (NPCs that are accessible to do team dungeon content material that debuted in Shadowbringers). Straight away on entry, you get strike with that famous keep track of from Closing Fantasy IV. As a person that areas Last Fantasy IV very superior, if not the major, of the FF pyramid, which is seriously all I essential.

The quantity of “trash” (common enemies) in the dungeon appeared about right, and the boss fights also felt sound for entry-tier growth written content. Yes, we experienced to dodge a great deal of factors on the floor. Certainly, we had some contextual movement predicaments. And of course, the Magus Sisters are the bosses inside the Tower, culminating in an epic fight where by you battle all a few at the exact same time, and they unleash the Delta Assault. That particular experience can be pretty stressful until you get the first Sister down, as the Delta Attack needs dodging several attacks in succession. It’s not a demo or raid or everything, but it surely perked my desire ranges in what lays beyond.

Naturally, a couple of several hours with an Mmo is a fall in the bucket. But every thing I saw in Endwalker speaks to the bigger video game and its ongoing path of progression, in which they’ve upped the good quality of the title with each individual enlargement. With Endwalker symbolizing the grand finale of the present tale arc, I hope a lot. And all the things I’ve viewed so much thinks that we’ll get it. See you in November!

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:56:41.