Project Kuni no tori | A Japanese Citadel Minecraft

Just in between quite a few projects, the Land of Birds (from Kuni no Tori in Japan) is at last launched. This has been created by a handful of builders of the crew, led by LordPumpkin. You can locate on it a fisherman village split by a tiny waterfall. On the prime of the mountains, there is a citadel, the full, protected by a dragon and its lore.

All in all, this far more than 50 residences and towers which are all furnished.

Constructed by: Team Lyrah

Download Optifine 1.7.1: http://optifine.internet/downloads
Useful resource Pack: Obtain Conquest 1.7.10 V10.6

Wherever the ground rises to the skies,
Are woods exactly where gods are livin’,
The spirits dwell in these trees,
Protected by dragons,
In these blessed sites,
The birds caress the air
With their chirping and their wings,
And promise an eternal peace
The village that will mature,
Will be blessed by Kodamas,
But when the greedy guys,
From meek will develop into greedy,
The Daimyo will leave the fantastic habits,
And the dragons will preserve their words,
In flames the village will fade out,
Only the temple will very last.

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Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.