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I’m definitely very pleased and excited too present you my new undertaking :

Galos Citadel by GogocraftFRDescription Good day every person ! I’m happy and thrilled to current to you my previous Develop identified as “Galos Citadel”.
This map is composed by a Citadel, a mausoleum, 2 ships, 4 dragons and a whole lot of properties.

Instruments Made use of

  • Voxel Sniper
  • WorldEdit
  • Camera Studio
  • SEUS Shaders
  • CreatruthBlocks


A customer, sailing peacefully with his ship, will quickly fail on an island which he appreciates totally absolutely nothing. Within just walking straight ahead, he will recognize he has to land on the good citadel of Galos isolated at sea, and acquiring a founder Galeronus.
It will be hosted mostly by a large square with the emblem of Galos, significant G drawn on a purple circle. Listed here is the place during a selected period develop several tiny markets.Within the citadel, he discovers a large hall lit by several lamps, he found out his vacant arrived, but he will understand pretty immediately that this area was, and still is suitable for driving some students population magic.
On the other facet of the Citadel awaits a present mixing scorching and cold, with the existence of two dragons competing in an epic struggle of fire and ice.But be cautious, since it is not only what the visitor will meet across the map in a straight line. He will have the chance by going for walks further look through the impressive harbor Galos, in which have been also built two significant statues of Galeronus, the founder of the citadel, hammer in hand. Other than many boats anchored in this article for years. And even right here the customer can obtain the courtyard of the citadel, soon after crossing a substantial picket gate ajar.
It also located its way on a different dragon, akin to the Komodo dragon, which sad to say has his left rear leg trapped by a extensive chain of wood. This was accomplished as a protection evaluate, as it would be in a position to induce difficulty all through the citadel he experienced to free of charge himself from his bonds.
And elsewhere, talking of dragons, a pupil Galos is fantastically illustrated in this field, and is nonetheless honored by the overall inhabitants. Couple of folks know all the specifics about the person, but what is selected is that it resides in a huge home with a amazing view of the overall citadel, and wherever it proceeds to deepen its Understand about dragons and magic. Only he, on the other hand, is entitled to enter the house. The absence of any doorways down indeed reduce the visitor can go switch.

Galeronus after so quite a few several years of labor to give start to her sublime citadel, is no longer with their lengthy time. It was consequently evident to erect a mausoleum, massive monument in his honor and located up coming to the Komodo dragon, just to permit him to relaxation in peace with dignity. God rest his soul.
Notice having said that that the protection of the population, simply because the shore is also a black boat evidently belonging to a group of hackers, who could land at any time and plunder the resources of Galos flags.

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