LIFE – HD Texture Pack – GamingKK


These days we are bringing you this texture pack made by a 15 yeard aged university student that like us enjoys Minecraft. This is the first 128 x 128 texture pack produced by Mitchell. He mentions it’s not entirely completed but, there is still some get the job done to be accomplished but as lots of of us we like to hear opinions in our builds and use it to make it greater so anybody who decides to use it in their projects can be extra articles with the pack.

Whats in the pack

The texture pack is identified as Lifestyle. Its objective is to make improvements to the game’s visuals by incorporating charming large-excellent textures. To make the sport glimpse additional practical the pack uses genuine pictures in it. There are some animations included, like drinking water and lava, that seem awesome much too. All this set with each other will make your expertise in the game far nicer and with any luck , additional pleasing far too.

You can give your feed-back to this youthful builder commenting in his video or joining any other platforms exactly where he is.


Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:32:58.