Why Do People Prefer Gaming via Mobile Phone? 

Mobile gaming has come a long way over the past decade, in which those of us who can remember playing snake in black and white on a Nokia phone will understand just how advanced mobile gaming has become. From the simple puzzle game to today’s online streaming platforms and gaming apps, it’s never been easier to access your favourite games at the touch of a button.

According to statistics, 2.6 billion people played mobile games as of 2024. Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, the price of smartphones has reduced which means that more people than ever across the world are now able to own a smartphone device. Moreover, as the likes of 4G internet connectivity has been rolled out across the globe, people can now access online games at the drop of a hat and even in the most remote of destinations.

Below, we’ll take a look at exactly why people prefer gaming via a mobile phone and what benefits mobile gaming can offer over more traditional gaming consoles.

The convenience of mobile gaming

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Not so long back, people had to wait until they returned home from the daily grind to be able to access their favourite video games. More so, if you were travelling or away from home then it was simply not convenient to unplug all of the wires of your gaming console and bring it along with you.

However, mobile gaming technology has never been easier to access, allowing people to play their favourite video games directly from their mobile phones. All that’s required is a smartphone and a decent Wi-Fi or internet connection and players can enjoy their favourite games in great quality.

Thanks to the portability of the latest smartphones, the long battery life, and great graphic displays, smartphones offer a great experience, whether gamers are on the daily commute to work on the train, relaxing on the beach of a remote island in the Caribbean, or simply from the comfort of home, and even in the middle of the night.

Common types of games played on mobile devices

According to a 2019 survey, the most popular genres of game to be played on a mobile device include Action, Arcade, and Battle Royale games. The blood pumping adrenaline rush that action games bring has gone down hugely successfully on mobile devices, with players being able to easily get their daily fix of action games without needing to commit to a great deal of time.

Arcade and casino games are the second most popular genre to be played on a mobile device, in which these traditional games have significantly advanced in recent years. In particular slot games are a popular option on mobile, with various casino providers as seen on Gambling.com offering mobile compatible apps for players to access their favourite slot games online. Not only do online casino and arcade games offer more rewards, great promotional offers and higher earnings, they offer a top-quality immersive experience where the very latest technologies are incorporated.

Battle Royale games are a little brutal in nature, in which players must fight to the death until there is only one player left standing in victory. These mediaeval style games often feature historic themes and allow players to jump into the past and escape reality for a while.

In addition to these genres, puzzle, roleplay, digital card, MMORPG and MOBA games are also highly popular on mobile devices.

The benefits of playing mobile games

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While too much screen time can be bad for our overall health and wellbeing, there are several surprising benefits of playing mobile games. While it’s wise to keep track of how much screen time you’re exposing yourself to every day, mobile gaming can also offer the following rewards.

1. Boost brain power

Just like real life board games, mobile games can help keep your brain engaged, improve spatial awareness and even boost your memory when played on a regular basis. Even just a few minutes a day can build up all important muscle memory that can be beneficial to people’s reflexes, memory and even their eyesight.

2. Improve your problem-solving skills

It’s a question that comes up when going for any kind of new job and is hugely valuable, if  not essential, for everyday life. Many mobile games have tasks that need to be completed or different levels to achieve, which not only encourages people to keep on playing but also helps maintain a competitive but fun environment.

3. Improved concentration

Finding that you’re struggling to concentrate? Many people struggle to concentrate in today’s day and age thanks to the constantly on and interconnected world we live in. However, studies have shown that mobile gaming actually improves a person’s concentration and can help ward off stress, anxiety and even other illnesses like dementia.

What does the future of mobile gaming hold?

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As we’ve seen, mobile gaming has developed significantly over the past decade and will continue to do so as technology evolves. With new smartphones and mobile devices coming out on a regular basis, the advanced models will be able to incorporate even more gaming technology to keep making the experience better and more immersive.

Overall, while there’s nothing quite like playing a traditional game of cards or enjoying casino games, mobile gaming has made it easier than ever and more possible for people across the world to play their favourite games. There’s no need to dig out your suit for the casino, simply grab a seat, pull out your smartphone and get started!