Why People Unironically Wear Their AirPods Upside Down

Men and women are wearing their AirPods upside down. Not as a vogue statement, but for a incredibly unique explanation. If you are apprehensive that the new music will come out of the earbuds upside down, stress not. The impression of sporting them in another way is almost zero.

Users have on AirPods upside down to enhance the comfort of wearing the wireless earbuds. The suitable way to wear Airpods upside down is by sporting the still left AirPod in the ideal ear, even though donning the correct AirPod in the remaining ear. Both of those wireless earbuds are worn upside down in the ‘fossa‘ of the ear.

Yeah, that section of the ear that’s form of on the inside of, so the wireless headphones won’t effortlessly drop out of your ear. There is not a actual science at the rear of all this, you just transform and twist the earbud right up until it’s a relaxed suit for your ear. Everyone is various, soon after all.



The Rewards Of Donning AirPods Upside Down

If you’re afraid of hunting like a overall fool, never be frightened to soar on this trend. There are a massive variety of people today struggling with wobbly earbuds on a day by day foundation. Getting rid of substantial-good quality, wireless earbuds that hold slipping out of your ears can be an pricey joke. So a ton of folks are searching for strategies to reduce this problem.

And to be sincere, actively carrying your AirPods upside down will have a lot additional functional gains than folks recognize:

  1. Avert them from slipping out: Acquiring a far better in shape for your buds will allow you to do more actions devoid of getting to get worried about your headphones randomly dropping on the ground.
  2. Extra comfortable prolonged-phrase wearing: A restricted in shape will raise the comfort and ease of wearing your buds, primarily when you wear your AirPods when sleeping or lying down.
  3. Improved over-all audio high-quality: A tighter fit in your ears will quickly boost the all round noise canceling impact of your surroundings, but will also enable you to hear the audio considerably superior. Sound high quality is really correlated with how you have on your AirPods.
  4. You’ll look kinda fancy: Some persons will phone it a ability shift, other folks will connect with it a clown shift. No matter what your feeling is, you are sure to turn some heads when putting on your buds the completely wrong way close to.


No, The Tunes Will not Be Upside Down

Some people say music comes out of the speaker upside down in Australia. That’s a joke, guys and gals. Music is processed inside the mind. A large amount of intricate instruments within your ear will rework the sound waves regardless of how they enter your ear.

So if you are fearful about your tunes staying upside down when donning your AirPods in a reverse way, you are encountering some irrational worries and fears. The tunes will seem particularly the same, regardless of how it enters the ear canal.


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Yeah, it seriously is astounding what the human mind can do. Audio can not be ‘upside down’, but you can encounter it coming from a marginally different position. All those lyrics will not enter your mind in a reverse way, that’s not possible. I suggest, unless of course the guidelines of physics are reversed by Apple inside these AirPods. Which hasn’t been verified hence significantly (once more, which is a joke!).


How To Wear AirPods Properly

For different use scenarios, unique AirPod carrying models will apply. This is genuine for the authentic Apple buds, but also for the newer AirPods Pro. In summary, you can choose to use your AirPods in the following way for an exceptional user practical experience:

  • Finest seem: Have on your AirPods upside down, with the L-facet on your right ear and the R-side on your left ear
  • Large alert: Loosely hang your AirPods in your ear in the normal place, so you can continue to be informed of your surroundings (ideal in website traffic)
  • Noise-canceling: Full target and most bass is reached by a bit pushing your AirPods into your ear canal
  • Lowered bass: Put your Apple-brand earbuds in a reverse manner into your ears (speaker dealing with backward)
  • Diminished discomfort: If your AirPods harm following donning them for a when, alternate the pods in every ear back and forth


Making an attempt doesn’t hurt, and it won’t price you anything at all if you by now possess all those quality wi-fi Apple buds. So twist and convert your AirPods or EarPods about each and every the moment in a even though, and see how it works out for you. Just do not dress in your wi-fi earbuds in the lavatory, ok.

The upside-down approach may not be the most ‘proper’ way of carrying them. But some would argue that they are the most cozy from a user-encounter standpoint. Do permit me know what your favored is in the comments under this posting!

Showcased image supply: /u/bowb4zod

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:40:20.