Doom Fighters lets you bareknuckle brawl your way out of hell

Shotguns? Unexciting. Rocket launchers? Who requires ’em. The only factor the Doom man has ever required to defeat the legions of hell are two bare fists—and perhaps a cheeky kick or two, if Doom II mod Doom Fighters is something to go by.

Released on ModDB in excess of the weekend, Doom Fighters reimagines the traditional FPS as a retro 3D brawler. Plugging into any Doom II campaign you extravagant, Fighters strips the slayer of his arsenal and pulls the digicam back again for some in excess of-the-shoulder punch-ups, providing the Doomguy a chunky 3D makeover in the procedure.

Now, our venerable slayer is just not a elaborate fighter, and there aren’t several fancy combos going on in this mod. But your guy hits like a truck, pummelling demons and zombies with explosive power. He can also pick up baddies and explosive barrels to hurl into each other, though the glowing pink Crucible sword from Doom Everlasting makes an overall look to carve as a result of hordes with exceptional performance.

With this week’s launch marking the very first version of Doom Fighters, developer edypagaza hopes to beef up the mod with destructible environments, extra weapons, a useful NPC and brutal execution moves.

Nonetheless, even in this early condition, Doom Fighters is well well worth a shot—if only for the absolute hilarity of kicking a Cyberdemon in the shins.