Deus Ex mod lets you play as a female JC Denton 21 years after the game came out •

A new Deus Ex mod allows you enjoy as a woman JC Denton – 21 yrs just after the game came out.

The Lay D Denton Venture, designed by a team of modders collectively know as Lay D Dev, dds a function slash early in the improvement of Ion Storm’s influential immersive sim: the skill to decide on the protagonist’s gender.

The mod is a sizeable effort. All of JC Denton’s 1700 lines of dialogue have been re-recorded by voice actress Karen Rohan, below the vocal path of Chris Rohan.

“The general performance strives to faithfully preserve the character of JC,” reads the mod description.

“Just about every one line was carried out directly following listening to the unique Male JC’s examine. While not blatantly copying each and every single line, the first performance was used as the most important anchor level for the line reads. Variants had been only produced after thorough consideration.

“In addition, we have strived to protect the far more beloved group a person-liners as accurately as probable.”


In other places, all gender pronouns and references have been edited to reflect the feminine protagonist.

“Because of the purely natural cadence of human speech and the ear’s natural sensitivity to abnormalities in speech, this was by far the most challenging hard work in the project,” the modders reported.

The modders also included various small further figures all over the activity who have been developed to subtly acknowledge JC’s gender making use of a pronoun. A choose few figures had been problematic adequate that the modders felt they had to be recast.

“We just could not get the pronouns to do the job no make a difference how really hard we experimented with with Harold (the mechanic in the vicinity of the 747) and the OwO secretary in the course of the UNATCO escape,” one particular of the modders who goes by the identify Xriborg spelled out in the remarks. “Morpheus was recast just so we could make him additional intelligible. And finally the VersaLife spy in the canal bar experienced his dialogue reworked since he originally mistakes JC for Paul. Helps make feeling for Male JC but it was a extend for the Feminine JC. These are the only recasts.”

And then you will find the feminine JC design, which has been restored (it’s also a little shorter than male Denton).

“In addition to the pores and skin, all participant sounds these as jumping, functioning, obtaining hit, dying, etc. have been re-recorded,” the modders mentioned.

“The 1st-individual product has been altered to match JC’s chosen pores and skin tone and tweaked in an exertion to appear far more feminine.”

The online video under, released by the modders along with the mod by itself, showcases the extraordinary get the job done performed to Deus Ex.