A 17-year old coder found a way to unlink your Facebook account from your Oculus Quest 2 headset

Earlier this 7 days, a huge outage took down Facebook and associated solutions for most of the working day. During the outage, everyone who needed to use their Oculus Quest 2 had to place their VR adventures on maintain because you will need to be logged into a Facebook account to use the headset or access the Oculus Retail store. If Fb is down, the headset turns into a $300 sci-fi prop.  

Some folks (myself provided) are usually hunting for methods close to the Quest’s Fb need for occasions like this, or so we can delete our Facebook accounts and nevertheless use our headsets. Enter a 17-calendar year-previous coder who designed an interesting way around the necessity. 

Oculess is a sideloadable device that unlinks your Facebook account from your Quest 2 VR headset (many thanks UploadVR for obtaining this). To sideload everything on the Quest 2, you will need to obtain Developer Manner on the unit, which calls for a mobile phone selection or payment facts (you will not be charged) for verification by Facebook.

At the time that is set up, that’s the very last time you have to offer with Fb on your headset. From in this article you can sideload apps from sites like SideQuestVR, which really don’t involve you to have a Fb account to use and accessibility. The crucial detail is that the hand monitoring continues to be unaffected, so you should really be equipped to perform your beloved VR online games like 50 %-Daily life Alyx with no concern. 

There is a downside to ditching Fb completely from the headset. There are numerous characteristics you just will never be ready to use, like:

  • Oculus Store 
  • Oculus Browser 
  • Oculus TV 
  • Casting 
  • Particular apps that were being downloaded as a result of the Oculus Retailer mainly because of entitlement issues 
  • All of Facebook’s social media attributes

Thankfully, the creator of Oculess posted a checklist of option software you can sideload that’ll fill these attribute gaps.  

Thinking about how men and women sense about Facebook these times, it can be not shocking that some VR avid gamers want a way to participate in without owning anything to do with the social media large.

You can obtain Oculess ideal below if you want to attempt it for your self. The tool’s creator, Bastian, also has a useful movie tutorial that’ll walk you by means of the course of action alongside. 

Originally posted 2021-11-11 13:02:11.