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This is it lads, transform of strategies led me to launch this armada right as an alternative of the ships one particular by just one at initially.
This armada, or fleet, even so you want to place it, contains 7 ships built from the keel up, wherein 4 of them are entire replicas crafted extremely properly centered on authentic ships blueprints, models, and information. Direct by the HMS Victory it is no little amount of money of time that have been set into this project, involving the exploration, learning of blueprints, reading and the true developing I estimate all over 350 hours. I ought to mention listed here that this is not only my work, 1 of the ships is solely designed by another member of Lyrah, Oskyi, (Helios), and 2 of the ships are built by us equally, Stamina and Challenger. This armada is built on a map which I have pointed out in before assignments, which is nearing it’s completion and will be introduced in a pair of months, hopefully 🙂 I’ve simply just extracted this armada from the map and manufactured it as a different globe, that you will be downloading listed here. No matter, enable me present the ships..

HMS Victory – replica

style: 1st level ship of the line
gundecks: 3
guns: 104
Complement: 850
Tons burthen: 2142bm
Released: 1765

HMS Endurance – fictional

style: 1st raote ship of the line

gundecks: 3

guns: 108

Enhance: 850

Tons burthen: 2100bm

Released: 1766

HMS Agamemnon – reproduction
type: 3rd level ship of the line
gundecks: 2
guns: 64
Complement: 500
Tons burthen: 1384bm
Launched: 1781

HMS Challenger – fictional
variety: 3rd rate ship of the line
gundecks: 2
guns: 66
Enhance 500
Tons burthen: 1400bm
Introduced: 1783

HMS Diana – replica
type: 5th amount frigate
gundecks: 1
guns: 38
Complement: 315
Tons burthen: 1000bm
Released: 1794

HMS Pandora – replica
sort: 6th price article ship
gundecks: 1
guns: 24
Enhance: 160
Tons burthen: 524bm
Introduced: 1779

HMS Helios – fictional
style: Put up era greatship
gundecks: 2
guns: 48
Enhance: 325
Tons burthen: 750bm
Launched: 1688

Phrases of use
Comprehend the time and power that has been committed to this project, and use accordingly, credit where by it’s owing.
If you want to use the ships for your have job, map, or a video clip manufacturing, please get hold of me. Pm on the site performs ideal.

Words OF Caution
Because all of these ships are developed with the Conquest resource pack, and with plugins, it is attainable that particular blocks in sure spots will be lacking, most very likely trapdoors and a couple of other individuals. To avoid this from escalating, a plugin that will allow blocks to be put anywhere anyhow is demanded.

On top of that, for finest viewing and compatibility, use Conquest Source pack, ( NOT the mod! ) as well as Optifine, all for Minecraft establish 1.7.10

More Credits: Developed by: Desdruktiva


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