Chateau de Morangy – Minecraft Building Inc

Bonjour, in this article comes my new undertaking called Château de Morangy. This challenge is a big palace developed in the design and style of the architecture of the XVIIth ventury in France. This Palace is inspired by the palace of Vaux-le-Vicomte for the disposition of the rooms, and by the Château de Dampierre for the exteriors and standard design and style. The developing is surrounded by a big backyard with many trees and parts of h2o. Two communs are created in entrance of the palace for the domestics and house workers. The decoration and furnitures of the interior are inspired by the furnitures of of Versailles Palace.
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Interiors are adorned and furnished.
All the rooms of the palace are decorated and furnished in the design and style of the XVIIth century.

Ground ground:
Grand Vestibule
Salon des Nobles
Antichambre du Roi
Chambre du Roi
Cupboard du Roi
Salon d’Hermès
Salon de Musique
Salon Frais
Salon des Buffets
Grande Gallerie
Grand Degré
Cabinet des Audiences
Cabinet des Curiosités

Appartements dété de Madame Victoire:
Antichambre d’été de Madame Victoire
Chambre d’été de Madame Victoire
Cabinet d’été de Madame Victoire
Cupboard doré

2nd floor:
Salon des Muses
Antichambre de Madame Victoire
Chambre de Madame Victoire
Cabinet de Bain
Cabinet de Madame Victoire
Cupboard de Monsieur de Bressac
Antichambre de Monsieur de Bressac
Chambre de Monsieur de Bressac
Antichambre de Madame Adélaïde
Chambre de Madame Adélaïde
Cupboard de Madame Adélaïde

developed by: mikado