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Minecraft is one of those few PC games that come in different Editions. Each edition features different gameplay and different amazing features. If you are here to learn about different Minecraft Edition reviews then you are exactly in the right place. 

We have listed the top five Minecraft Editions that feature different graphics, gameplay, and objectives. Based on these reviews, you can easily decide which one to spend money on and enjoy for the rest of the year, or however long you want to play it. 

We hope you must be excited and can’t wait to learn about different Minecraft editions. So without wasting any more time let’s forget about everything and jump straight to my Minecraft Edition reviews. 

We have listed each of the following Editions based on their graphics, audio quality, and gameplay. Apart from that, some of these Editions will sound more interesting while some of them may not be that effective. It depends upon their taste of equipment now.

1. Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition

The first Minecraft game on our list of recommendations is the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition. Now two different Dungeon versions can sometimes cause a lot of misconceptions about the game. 

Here are some of our favorite points that we noticed during the Dungeon Hero Edition gameplay. Based on these points you can decide whether you need to play it or not. 

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition Review

Graphics of the Hero Edition

The first thing that we would like to talk about is the overall graphics of the game. As compared to other Minecraft Editions, this one seems to be a lot improved when it comes to graphics. While playing the game you will start getting feelings of diablo but in reality, it is Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition. 

The manufacturer has done a splendid job by making the graphics a bit improved due to the extraordinary coding skills. While playing it you will find much more improved texture and smoother screen transitions as the player moves from one place to another. 

Difference Between Minecraft Dungeon Hero and Minecraft Classic

I am sure you must have played the Classic Minecraft at least once. You may have noticed that the game features an open-world environment with retro graphics and sounds that adds fun to the gameplay. 

You might be thinking what is the difference between Minecraft Dungeon Hero and Classic Minecraft. It is because both games use the same types of weapons and tools and the same types of enemies

However, when it comes to the genre the Minecraft Dungeon Hero is slightly different from the older Classic Minecraft. It is because the Dungeon Hero Edition is based on the action RPG genre where you slash through enemies and complete different quests. 

Is Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition worth it?

The Hero Edition is an additional pack to the Dungeon Edition of Minecraft. If you are fond of playing the Dungeon Edition and find yourself enjoying the game for hours then the Hero Edition is good for you. 

Some people may think what is the difference between the Hero Edition as it looks similar with a little extra cost. However, both are different because the Hero Edition offers extra cosmetic items and downloadable content packs. 

Apart from that, the Hero Edition comes with tons of extra features that make the gameplay even more fascinating. In addition to this, it is only worth $10 which isn’t insanely expensive if you compare the price to the features of the game.

Overall Game Play 

As mentioned earlier, the Minecraft Dungeon Hero Edition seems much similar to playing diablo. However, the battle mechanics were slightly different as compared to the diablo. Apart from that, there are some cool weapons that you can use during the game to overcome different missions. 

In addition to this, you will get a challenging environment which makes the gameplay fun during the game. There will be a lot of enemies in the Dungeons and you will try to make your way to the end of the quest through them. 

As compared to the classic Minecraft, I think the Dungeon Hero Edition is a lot more worth it especially when you are an action gameplay lover. 

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2. Minecraft Dungeons Edition

Apart from the Hero Edition, if you don’t like paying some extra bucks then the Dungeon Edition is perfect for you. As I said, it resembles one of the most popular game diablos in many features. Here are some of the main features that will make you enjoy your gameplays. 

Minecraft Dungeons Edition reviewed

Graphics of the Dungeon Edition

Similar to the Hero Edition which is an extension pack of the Dungeon Edition, the graphics are awesome. The game still features a retro-ish touch to it which is a kind of a Minecraft signature. However, it feels a lot more different as compared to the classic Minecraft. 

The colors are vibrant and will make you distinguish between different objects easily. Apart from that, the company has done an excellent job by adding some cool animation effects to make the graphics even more impressive, like this Sheng Ling Resource Pack where you can find some animated bees, butterflies and fireflies, for example.  

There is a level where you can see lightning coming through the windows of the Dungeon which looks amazing. 

Different and Much Better Music and Sound Quality 

As you all know without music and sound no game would be considered complete. The company has done a remarkable job when it comes to compiling the music and sounds of the game. 

They are different from the original game but in our opinion, they are much better as compared to the classic one. The company has done its best to keep the lo-fi music style of the original music but has added a touch to make it perfect for Dungeon’s adventures. 

The best thing is that you can also transplant the sounds of the Dungeon to the original game

Clear and Defined Game Story 

The story plot of Minecraft is much more defined and clear as compared to the original game. It has a simple story that exists solely to tie together the Dungeon crawling levels. At the beginning of the game, the main villain the Arch village has stolen an orb of power from the other villagers and uses it for evil. Villages are really popular on Minecraft players, in our blog they have specially liked this Medieval Castle and Village we shared before.

The whole gameplay is based on finding him and defeating his minions and finally fighting him to get the orb back. After playing several action packed missions you will eventually encounter him in his castle. Here is a list of the best Minecraft castles builds we have put together, these are not the castle where you would find him.

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3. Minecraft Bedrock Edition

If you aren’t a huge fan of Dungeon-based gameplays then the Bedrock Edition Minecraft will be just perfect for you. Now there is a lot of controversy when it comes to playing the Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft java. 

However, today we will tell you everything about the Minecraft Bedrock Edition and will help you decide which one is better and worth playing. So sit tight and keep on reading along with enjoying popcorn. 

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Reviewed

Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock Edition

I guess we will start by telling you the main difference between the two versions of the game. It will help you understand them in a much better way and decide which one to go for. The Java Edition is the base version of Minecraft that was started years ago

The Java Edition lacks the main feature which is cross-platform gameplay. However, in contrast to this, the Bedrock Edition is a cross-platform game that you can play on windows 10, X-Box, Nintendo switch, and your smartphones. 

Having that said, the Bedrock version still lacks some features of the java version which are a bit tricky to port from Java to C++. Another thing that we want to tell you is that the Java servers are a bit better compared to the Bedrock servers currently. 

Easy Customization

Apart from the difference in the gameplays, customizing the Bedrock version is a lot easier as compared to the Java version. You can install maps and skins (like this Naruto themed skins) with just a single click and that is because of the C++ programming language. 

However, doing similar things on the Java version needs to ensure a ton of different factors before the installation. 

Better Performance 

If we talk about performance then the Bedrock Edition is much better as compared to the other versions of the game. The thing that makes its performance much better is the programming language in which the game is written. 

It increases the overall performance and will make the gameplay better. You will get up to 60 FPS during the game which of course requires some settings in-game. Apart from that, the Bedrock version provides much more distance visibility as compared to the java version. 

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4. Minecraft Story Mode Edition

Minecraft’s story mode is something different. It is perfect for people who loves playing story based games. Unlike the original Minecraft game, this one is developed by Telltale games which is known for their walking dead series. The game uses Minecraft’s maps and environment in combination with stories to make it fun and enjoyable for hours. 

You can choose the gender of your character and the story will unfold as you make choices. Jesse is an enthusiastic character that will let you enjoy the game fully. Being a 10 year old, the main character Jesse loves watching Minecraft videos on youtube.

The gameplay is actually pretty smooth as compared to other Minecraft games. Apart from that, most people love it due to its engaging story. However, if you are a pure fan of the open world then this might not be a good option for you. 

Minecraft Story Mode Edition Reviewed

Easy to Play 

Most Minecraft games don’t provide any guidance during the game such as crafting recipes etc. Such things make the game more challenging and fun for some people who loves exploring on their own. 

However, the telltale Minecraft story mode is something different. It will tell you to make choices as you progress through the game. 

Play as you like

As we mentioned earlier, the game allows you to make choices on certain occasions. Such a feature makes the game less boring even if you finish it. You can always play it again and select different options and see the outcomes yourself. 

Apart from making choices, the game also allows you to play some quick puzzles which will unlock certain mysteries. Overall there is nothing to complain about because it will keep you engaged for several hours.

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5. Minecraft Original Edition

Last but not least, the Minecraft Original Edition mode allows you to spend quality time playing the game. You can sit at your gaming desk with one of the best gaming chairs for Minecraft and play the game for hours because of its high quality gameplay.

Minecraft Original Edition reviewed

The game features two different modes one of them is open world while the other one is survival mode. In survival mode you will be thrown in a random world where you will have to scavenge for supplies and make your own shelter and weapons.

This mode is pretty fun because you will have to face several challenges as you hunt for supplies and make your own shelter and weapons. In addition to this, you will encounter monsters such as giant spiders and bats during the game. 

Also you can craft several different weapons and tools using the basic items such as wood, stone, and steel etc. One of the most common ways to get resources is mining which sometimes mines and caves are limited but some users have shared things like this Mining Data Pack to make your life easier.

Apart from that, the open world mode will let you build your own world without any issue. The best thing is that you can play Minecraft with friends which can make the game even more fun. You can go for supplies, hunt together, beat monsters and cover each other’s back, once you get those make sure to check out our list of the best Minecraft building guides in case you need help starting.

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Final Thoughts

Some people may not like Minecraft and other such games but some people are almost addicted to it, there are some many people who plays Minecraft currently you would be surprised. The game features a retro-ish graphics that makes it unique from the rest of the games.

You will find pixelated stuff inside the game such as people, houses, amazing Minecraft Mansions,  weapons, and tools. However, the best thing is that Minecraft is an open world game and will let you play it the way you want. In addition to this, the game has become so popular that there are now several modes you can play. 

In this article, we have explained different modes that can help you play the game, enjoy the story plot and have your own Minecraft world. 

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