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If you are seeking to engage in Minecraft on your Laptop but desire a controller above a keyboard, the fundamental methods are to: Link your controller, enter significant-photograph method in Steam, and develop a controller configuration shortcut through Minecraft that will enable you map your preferred buttons.

If that seems form of sophisticated, really do not fret because all of that is about to be broken down into simple-to-stick to recommendations. If you’re ready to understand how to connect a controller to minecraft personal computer, get all set to be imaginative!

Connecting a Controller to Minecraft Computer system Phase-by-Move

1. Hook up Controller

To perform Minecraft on your Computer system, you can use virtually any controller regardless of whether it’s Xbox 360, Xbox 1, Playstation 3 or 4, or even a Nintendo Swap Professional. Most men and women use a wi-fi controller through bluetooth, but you have the option to plug a wired a person into a USB port.

If you do not have a controller for Personal computer look at out our opinions for the greatest controller for Minecraft in Pc.

2. Time to Steam

The to start with detail you are going to want to do is install the Steam application on your computer and open up it, because Steam is how you’ll be in a position to map your controller layout. The moment it is open up, discover the “Library” tab at the best.

At the bottom left of the monitor you must see “add a video game.” Clicking that will convey up a menu, so pick out “add a non-steam activity.” For most persons, Minecraft will be in the checklist of programs that pops up but if it doesn’t don’t fear.

Just strike “browse” and navigate to “program data files,” wherever you’ll want to find “minecraftlauncher.exe.” At the time picked, hit “add chosen program” and the pop-up window will go absent.

3. Imagine Massive-Photograph

Now you can simply click on “big image mode” in the higher-right corner of the app. This will load a sort of user-interface version of Steam, the place you really should click “settings” followed by “controller settings.”

This is exactly where you are going to see how many controllers you can use, so pick which controller you are making use of. For an Xbox a single simply click “Xbox” or Playstation click “Playstation,” and so on. There’s an solution for generic controllers as perfectly.

If you are not certain which controller style you’re using, the bottom half should have a tab for “detected controllers.” There you will see what you are utilizing, so make your choice and go back again to the key monitor exactly where you can then click on on the “library” tab.

Connect Controller Settings

4. Mapping Your Controller

In the “library” menu, you will have to have to obtain the left-hand tab that claims “browse” and simply click “games.” Scroll by means of right up until you locate Minecraft, which was added previously. This will bring up a modest window the place you’ll simply click “manage shortcut” adopted by “controller configuration.”

In advance of going by way of the following process, hold in mind that it is based on personalized preference. Some men and women prefer to participate in with a southpaw variant or 1 far better for specified steps in-video game. 

If you do not want to just take the time to map the format oneself, you can click on “browse configurations” at the bottom of the screen. From there, go with the “community” tab on the left and you are going to open up a checklist of pre-made configurations by other Minecraft players on Steam.

Connect Controller Mapping

5. Do Your Individual Controller Mapping

Assuming you want to produce your very own controller configuration, here’s a generic structure that’s the closest to what most Laptop-avid gamers are applied to:

  1. Click on on the still left joystick and opt for “directional pad” under “style of input.” For the “layout,” go with “8-way overlap.” In the directional picture, pick W, A, S, and D for the up, down, remaining, and suitable respectively.
  2. There is an optional shortcut for the middle mouse button if you select  it for “click motion.” This will enable you goal at a block and find it when you simply click. Otherwise, go again to the controller layout menu and find the directional pad.
  3. As soon as once more, for the “style of input” go with “directional pad” and “8-way overlap” less than “layout.” For this d-pad image, even though, you are going to want F5 for “up,” F1 for “left,” T for “right,” and F for “down.” This will permit you enter 3rd-individual, turn off the HUD, open up the chat box, and go any item to your still left hand respectively.
  4. Go back again to the controller layout and choose the proper joystick. For the “style of input,” pick “joystick mouse.” You will in all probability want to convert down the sensitivity, but pick “left shift” underneath “click action.” Until you want to keep the button to crouch, set “toggle” to “on.” Beneath extra settings, you may possibly also want to turn down the “inner useless zone.”
  5. Back again at the controller photograph, click on the button pad exactly where you are going to pick “button pad” for the “style of enter.” For X, A, B, established them as “E,” “A,” “Q,”  respectively. This will permit you open your inventory with “E,” bounce with “A,” and fall goods with “Q.”
  6. As for the Y button, you could want to simply click on “toggle multi-button” at the bottom of the monitor. Established is as “shift” and “right-click” blended, because this will permit you move an full stack of objects between your stock and chests.
  7. For each and every of the next, you are going to have to go back to the configuration soon after each one particular: Established the again button as “tab” to see all players on a server in multiplayer. The get started button can be mapped to “escape” to open the menu.
  8. The left and right bumpers can be established to “scroll up” and “scroll down” respectively. This will allow you scroll as a result of the hotkey bar in-match.
  9. As for the triggers, established the ideal as “left mouse” underneath “soft pull action” and the still left as “right mouse.” The opposites will let you break blocks with the suitable trigger and established blocks with the left bring about.

6. What Now?

At the time you are done configuring your controller, click “export config” at the base adopted by “save new own binding.” Strike “save” and it will usually be accessible to edit back at the “personal” tab under “controller configuration shortcut.” 

If not, strike “done” and go back again right up until you uncover Minecraft again. Hit engage in to start the recreation, even though it should really be noted that you generally have to start it by “big picture mode” in order to use your controller structure. 

At the most important menu with the specified structure over, use the ideal joystick to shift the mouse and the right induce to click. If for some explanation your controller does not operate in-recreation, strike F11 to enter windowed method and strike F11 again to return to typical.

This functions as a form of reset simply because the sport-controller connectivity can from time to time be buggy in total-screen manner. If all the things is mapped accurately, once you decide on your entire world, it really should engage in just like you’re on a console so superior luck surviving the initial night time!


Enjoying Minecraft with mouse and keyboard is good, easy and comfortable. There are wonderful keyboards for Minecraft and good mouse for Minecraft Computer to enhance your set up but if you are a typical console gamer vs computer then environment up a controller might be the very best for you.

We put together a checklist of the most effective controller for Minecraft Computer system so you can check out out the record to know which are the best for you.

We hope this was practical. Enjoy playing Minecraft Computer with your new controller.