Better Vanilla [16x] – GamingKK

Superior Vanilla is a 16x pack of neighborhood-created default-model textures (made use of with authorization from primary authors). The textures in Far better Vanilla revamp default textures to appear better, to be more vivid, or to be smoother, all without having straying way too considerably from the unique experience of the video game.


  • Distinct skies for distinct biomes
  • Lighter h2o
  • Additional vibrant grass
  • Enhanced and much more all-natural crops
  • Alternate grass, podzol, and mycelium textures
  • Animated Redstone
  • Enormously improved nether blocks
  • Smoother Diorite, Andesite, and Granite
  • Greater sunset and sunrise
  • Atmospheric seems
  • and more, examine it out for oneself!

Game Edition: 1.12.2
Resolution: 16×16

Take note: Some capabilities will require Optifine, which you can get here.

Extra Credits: Constructed by: fisher521