Smashing ingredients in Potion Craft is better than meditation or yoga

Potion Craft arrived out in early accessibility final week, and while I continue to imagine the economy and haggling bits need a very little tweaking, I am genuinely taking pleasure in the methodical character of currently being an alchemist. It’s part art, part science, due to the fact you have to kind of come to feel your way all-around the potion map and fudge recipes with the ingredients you have. Your recipe e book is limited, so I’ve started off composing down extra recipes in true life, crossing matters out and updating them as I obtain better combos. It’s just like staying a real backwoods alchemist throwing twigs in a bucket!

But my favorite matter is the pestle and mortar. Smashing elements up (and grinding them into sludge) awakens their properties so they shift even further on your potion map, like how crushing mint will make for a livelier mojito. And I love it intensely.