A lot of you are petting the pets in Crusader Kings 3

1240 Pepsi Max cans quaffed. 30 Toffee Crisps swallowed. 600 sneezes sneezed. These are the stats of my previous year. Crusader Kings 3’s previous calendar year provides even bigger figures.&#13

To rejoice the kingdom sim’s to start with calendar year of release, Paradox have set out a established of in-activity stats, which includes: 18 million marriages, 334 million kids, and “4 million animals petted.”&#13

The raw quantities are:&#13

  • 334 million young children born
  • 18 million marriages and betrothals
  • 4 million characters damaged by anxiety
  • 4 million animals petted
  • 1 million prisoners escaped

Paradox also supplied up some examples of player choices:&#13

  • The most well known starting location is Britannia
  • The most common religion tenet is Warmonger
  • The most popular way of life is Stewardship / Wealth
  • Pagan religions have been reformed 1 million occasions
  • The Roman Empire has been restored 190,000 instances
  • The Fantastic Schism has been healed 220,000 periods
  • Cannibalism has been adopted 14,000 times

The most well-known way of life is prosperity? And in the game, etc.&#13

I come to feel like there are several grislier stats that could have been shared in this article. How a lot of Popes have been popped, Paradox? How many of individuals 334 million children have been murdered to make way for a lot less silly heirs? Give me the stats and let us generate some tabloid outcry.&#13

It really is only truthful that the numbers over are so substantial, supplied that Crusader Kings 3 is incredibly superior. Nate cherished it in his evaluate, and went on to generate some jolly diaries like the tale of Gigaknight. There have also been some fantastic mods produced so far, including the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater mod pictured earlier mentioned.