Playing FFXIV’s Dancer Class With Motion Controls Looks Tough

Gif: Tremendous Louis 64 / Kotaku

Ultimate Fantasy XIV, like most movie online games, is considerably from bodily taxing regardless of the often-unbelievable feats done by your character on-monitor. But what if you, say, really experienced to dance to get the Dancer job going? Absolute madman Tremendous Louis 64 answered this issue earlier nowadays, and the success are very impressive.

Applying an old Microsoft Kinect digital camera intended for Xbox 360 and a middleware acknowledged as FAAST, Louis was equipped to make it so that sure human body movements translated into keyboard inputs. This essentially gave him the ability to perform Dancer career capabilities with some basic, genuine-daily life dance moves. He quickly strike a snag, nonetheless, upon recognizing he may well not be in a position to pull off the in-match actions as flawlessly as he needed.

“My initially purpose with the mod was to map the motion controls as shut as achievable to the motions of the dance actions in the match,” Louis clarifies in the online video. “However, just after viewing every dance stage and knowing my back is not finding any youthful, I had to choose some innovative liberties and make sure I did not want to be Lifted mid-dance.”

With the complicated dances out the window, Louis alternatively utilised additional simple moves like a dab—which starts and finishes every single dance sequence—Carlton’s dance from The Contemporary Prince of Bel-Air, and The Monkey, a ‘60s kitsch classic repopularized by cartoon character Johnny Bravo. This all mixed to make for a handle plan that is both equally tremendous partaking and a great deal a lot more exhausting than urgent a several buttons, taking into consideration he experienced to run up to his keyboard each time he essential to dodge enemy assaults and then reset the movement controls with a T-pose.

“After playing Dancer with movement controls, I never imagine I can at any time go again to just keyboard and mouse,” Louis adds. “Shoot, I might even do this until eventually my Dancer gets to degree 80. This was a extremely fun workout and my facial area even now hurts from smiling so a lot.”

Louis’ take care of could possibly ring a bell for frequent Kotaku audience. We previously covered his tries to command a Closing Fantasy XIV Astrologian with a Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk as well as the time he performed as a result of Dim Souls 3 working with a Ring Suit Adventure controller. It appears to be like Louis simply cannot assist but make each gaming session into a check of physical fortitude, but by god, do we love him for it.

While Microsoft’s significantly-maligned motion-seize peripheral may well not have taken off with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One particular, now we know it is good for at least a person detail.

If you want additional of these special Dancer controls, Louis not too long ago carried out a three-hour livestream in excess of on Twitch. Hop on above and give him some like.


Originally posted 2021-11-11 13:14:31.