The best SMGs in Warzone

The obstacle of discovering the finest Warzone SMG feels never-ending as a lot more are regularly included to our bulging collection of firearms. SMGs are an ideal aid to an OP assault or sniper rifle, but it truly is not uncommon to see them choose the guide in the best Warzone loadouts. If you like to get up near and particular with your prey in Verdansk, these are the ideal instruments for the job.

Unsurprisingly, we suggest working with quite a few of these weapons in our ideal Warzone guns guide. Nonetheless, if you’re hunting for additional selection, you’ve got appear to the right location. I am listed here to walk you by way of the best ten SMGs in Warzone and tell you why they deserve a place in your loadouts.

The very best Warzone SMGs


The MAC-10 is a amazing SMG with a ludicrously fast hearth level. As extensive as you have some decent precision and can command its relatively awful recoil sample, you may be ready to fully shred your enemies. It is really the happy proprietor of the best location in the SMG part, and is a great backup for the ideal Warzone assault rifles or LMGs. Here’s Morgan’s list of the most effective MAC-10 loadouts to aid you dominate in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

I appreciate the Bullfrog. It truly is acquired a large, chunky magazine measurement, great damage values, and the capacity to truly beef up its ranged opportunity. For me, it also just has that ‘it’ issue. The Bullfrog will generally have your again, and it can operate as a regular SMG or a sniper assist gun. Have a seem at my finest Bullfrog loadout for a aiding hand on flawlessly decking the weapon out for victory.

MP5 (Chilly War)
If you might be not utilizing the MAC-10, this ought to be your SMG of decision. Chilly War’s MP5 was fully busted when it introduced, so you can expect to very likely have by now read of its mystical powers. Even though it hasn’t pretty managed to re-enact those people early-December 2024 scenes of utter carnage, the MP5 has continue to clawed its way again into the meta. You stand a excellent likelihood of successful sweaty firefights out in the open up, but flanking is where the MP5 definitely stands out. Check out our useful MP5 loadout for extra data.

(Picture credit: Activision, Infinity Ward, Treyarch)


The PPSh-41 did not make a enormous splash on its addition to the Warzone meta, but with time and stability adjustments, it’s seriously produced a name for itself. With Year 3 lengthy long gone, it truly is not the most stylish weapon, but many thanks to its great mobility and charge of fire, the PPSh does a terrific occupation in which other SMGs are a bit much more lacklustre. Our picks for the most effective PPSh-41 loadout will assist you fantastic this weapon’s attachments.

OTs 9
The OTs 9 absolutely guts your enemies from near ranges. To some, (myself incorporated), it feels a whole great deal better than the MAC-10. Won’t be able to genuinely place my finger on why. For the most effective OTs 9 loadout, you will need to have to either deck it out for vary or speed—I’d certainly propose likely for the latter and pairing the gun with a awesome assault rifle.

The TEC-9 is a real weirdo of a gun. By default it truly is semi-computerized, but when you put the very best TEC-9 loadout on it, you get access to distinctive fire rates. I would recommend going comprehensive-auto for a actually solid classic SMG, but the semi-vehicle mode is rather fun and helps make for a unique playstyle if you are acquiring ill of all the meta SMGs sensation the identical.

(Graphic credit score: Activision)


Modern Warfare’s MP7 stormed into the spotlight yet again last September, but you will find no will need to swap it out if you are relaxed applying it. This compact killer is straightforward to propose for most situations, and I have even picked the greatest MP7 loadouts to assistance you make the most of it. Compared to the other SMGs on provide, its hearth charge and mobility are complicated to leading. Emptying a total clip of precise photographs will rapidly boost your kill count and scupper an enemy squad’s plans.

The Milano applied to be trash. Then it acquired buffed to the level of it getting the greatest SMG in the sport. Now, it really is a genuinely sound, decent possibility for people today who love the gradual hearth amount and decent assortment attributes the gun has readily available.

The CX-9 was included to Fashionable Warfare reasonably a short while ago. A surprise, what with Phone of Obligation: Vanguard coming out so quickly, but a welcome one particular. The CX-9 is a wonderful, easy SMG which does what it says on the tin. It deals fantastic hurt up near, and your secondary weapon, like an XM4 or Stoner 63 can deal with the relaxation of the ranges.