The best Warzone LW3 – Tundra loadout

The Warzone LW3 – Tundra is a beast at selection. It truly is some players’ favourite sniper rifle in Warzone, and I will not blame them: it really is received plenty of likely and dependability when it comes to zapping enemies down with a single shot.

That is correct, a single-shot headshots. The buy of the day for any sniper, and the Tundra will not disappoint. I’ve place alongside one another a pair of Warzone Tundra loadouts for you: one particular for obliterating foes from throughout the map, and 1 a bit off-meta pick wherever you can fake your Tundra is a Kar98k, and give quick-scoping a go.

The finest hitscan LW3 – Tundra Warzone loadout


  • Muzzle: Wrapped Suppressor
  • Barrel: 29.1″ Beat Recon
  • Optic: Royal & Kross 4x
  • Stock: SAS Combat Inventory
  • Magazine: 7 Rnd




This Tundra is your extensive-assortment killing equipment. Positive, it might not formally be ‘hitscan’, but it can be as shut as you’re likely to get with this gun, and you can scarcely have to direct your shots. 

The combo of the Wrapped Suppressor and 29.1″ Overcome Recon will perform wonders for your bullet velocity. TrueGameData statements they strengthen this benefit by 20% and 44% respectively. Stack these up and you may utterly dominate any one silly sufficient to wander somewhere in front of you a handful of hundred metres away.

They’ll both of those slow you down, but the SAS Overcome Stock should enable with that. It will enable your movement speed when you might be aiming, and which is made the difference for me when it can be been life or demise. It truly is just a little bit rubbish for hip-firing.

(Graphic credit rating: Activision)

You could be surprised with the use of the Royal & Kross 4x scope, but it is really actually actually fantastic with a sniper. It offers the correct volume of selection with minimal check out obstruction, which is an absolute take care of. If you are not a fan even though, you could usually use the default optic and switch out to a Patrol Grip to help you relocate to new vantage factors more quickly, or just select the Axial Arms 3x. It is seriously a preference matter, so attempt them all out if you you should not love the Royal & Kross.

The Kris 6 is a wonderful sniper aid gun, but there are a good deal of options. The functional AK-74u is a single, as is the ever-dependable XM4. Have a gander at the most effective Warzone loadouts for extra inspiration.

The very best speedy-scope LW3 – Tundra Warzone loadout


  • Muzzle: Sound Moderator
  • Barrel: 26.5″ Hammer Cast
  • Laser: SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Rear Grip: Airborne Elastic Wrap



  • Cold Blooded
  • Substantial Alert
  • Amped


Here is the quickest loadout I have been equipped to make for the Tundra while trying to keep it viable. The Seem Moderator replaces the Wrapped Suppressor to help save a bit of Advertisements pace, while the Hammer Forged barrel is a wonderful raise to fire level to get people adhere to-up photographs off if they’re necessary (Amped is fantastic for switching to a secondary and finding the comply with-ups going, much too).

The Laser sight increases Advertisements speed, along with the Airborne Elastic Wrap which will substantially strengthen your brief-scope capacity. Stick the Axial Arms 3x scope and you could just get that zero time-to-get rid of that will make snipers so attractive. It’ll be even greater if you can make it get the job done at shut and medium ranges.

(Graphic credit rating: Activision)

Considering that this is additional of a mobile loadout, I am applying more mobile package. High Notify is awesome for rapid-scopers, and is coming more and additional into the meta for granting you the capability to swing all around and blast a baddie as quickly as they seem at you. Until your opponent has Chilly Blooded, your display screen will pulse in the route your enemy is, and if your scoping is fast plenty of, you can convert a dire circumstance into a brilliant 1 without having them realising you know in which they are. 

Likewise, stun grenades and Semtex are great for pushing properties, which you can expect to be accomplishing a honest bit with this quirky LW3 – Tundra loadout.