Steam’s Most Hated Game Today Is Konami’s Bad Football Title

A screenshot of three soccer players, mouths ajar, from eFootball 2024.

My deal with when I see eFootball 2024‘s graphics.
Screenshot: EpicPes / Kotaku

Konami’s long-managing football simulation series underwent a title change this 12 months, likely from PES to eFootball. But this rebranding did not deal with up the development deficiencies, as evidenced by discouraged Steam fans who are sharing their frustrations for what several say is “the worst football game” ever released.

eFootball 2024 is a free-to-play soccer game (which consists of loot containers) formulated and released by Konami Electronic Enjoyment. Despite launching on September 29, it presently has an “overwhelmingly negative” ranking. The self-proclaimed “Hall of Shame” site Steam250, which tracks which game titles have the worst testimonials by calculating the share change, studies that eFootball 2024 sits in the leading location. Out of in excess of 7000 testimonials, the recreation has only some 1600 (or approximately 8%) good votes as of this composing.

Criticism of eFootball 2024 touches on just about every single factor of the sport. Some say it “lacks written content still left and right” (like Fanbyte’s Nicholas Grayson), when other people call it a “mobile video game.” Then there are individuals who levied a lot more articulate complaints on matters like the game’s engine and lag.

But possibly the most scathing—or funniest, relying on how you glance at it—critique arrives from a consumer named Hypnora. They joke that eFootball 2024 is a “psychological horror game” best for individuals who “consider breaking the keyboard or throwing the controller out the window” when gaming. They also say the activity someway “carefully blurs” the line concerning gaming and politics, but do not make clear the precise relationship.

“Battle versus the referees who will allow your forwards to be dragged again, knocked more than and brought down even though very clear on goal but will book your gamers for a [millimeter] of light connection with the opposition when profitable the ball,” Hypnora concluded in her quick evaluate of eFootball 2024.

Then you have eFootball 2024’s atrocious graphics. Admirers are particularly pissed about this, with lots of sharing wonky screens or films on social media of NPCs in the stands—looking like blocky mannequins or whatever—and scanned gamers like Argentina’s Lionel Messi. There are even clips of players clotheslining each individual other, like soccer is now the WWE.

In accordance to Steam250, eFootball 2024 is worse than Capcom’s Umbrella Corps, Visual Concepts’ NBA 2K18, and Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors 9. Konami’s football simulator is even a lot more hated than unpopular (or unheard-of) game titles like Crew 6 Studios’ 2011 racer Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction and Rail Slave Games’ 2014 adventure match Uriel’s Chasm.

eFootball 2024 is the hottest entry in what was earlier regarded as the PES collection. Konami skipped a 2024 video game, as a substitute opting to give eFootball PES 2024 an update with new club rosters and participant facts. This determination arrived from Konami deciding on to focus on eFootball 2024‘s advancement. Even with the further time, although, it would seem supporters are not happy with the end success.

eFootball 2024 is out now on cellular units, Laptop, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Sequence X/S.

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