Dune’s stars loved (and hated) their iconic stillsuits

Dune has supplied pop tradition so lots of factors: large sandworms, the Litany From Concern, “spice” as a drug metaphor, and the stillsuit. One of the tips Frank Herbert compensated unique attention to detailing in his notes and his 1965 novel was the stillsuit, an outfit made to retain and recycle the wearer’s entire body humidity. Stillsuits permit Herbert explain to a story about surviving in the most unsafe setting in his books — a merciless planet-extensive desert that also gets people today significant. (Most importantly, you can poop in a stillsuit in its place of using it off when mother nature phone calls.)

For Denis Villeneuve’s amazing screen adaptation, costume designers Jacqueline West and Bob Morgan experienced their perform reduce out for them. In contrast to considerably of the wardrobe in the film — the dim wool suits of Residence Atreides, or the insect-inspired garb of the Harkonnen — stillsuits are a critical component of the lore, described in wonderful depth in both equally the novels and in Herbert’s notes. The stillsuit was, according to Morgan, the movie’s “centerpiece costume.” It had to seem great on all the cast customers, and conceivably be functional ample that performers wouldn’t loathe putting on it for the duration of output in the real-earth deserts of Jordan.

West and Morgan pulled off the previous with aplomb: The stillsuits glance fantastic onscreen. The latter, they explained to Polygon, received some blended results.

“You know, I have read various actors say different factors,” Morgan claims, laughing. “I listened to an job interview with Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem. [Bardem] was declaring ‘Oh my God, I’m so cozy. I liked it. I loved sporting it.’ And Josh Brolin claims to him, ‘I don’t know which one you bought!’”

Stilgar entering the Duke Leto’s council in Dune (2023)

Picture: Warner Bros./HBO Max

In accordance to West, building Dune’s stillsuits was an very involved procedure that began with extensive conversations with idea artist Keith Christensen and a prototype by sculptor Jose Fernandez. Teams of artists collaborated on each and every component of the ultimate match, which comprised 125 pattern parts.

“It’s not like doing a fitting for a modern day movie, wherever Meryl Streep arrives and talks about the costume and what it may be, and is it not comfortable?” Morgan states. “It experienced to suit anyone from Timothée [Chalamet] to Rebecca [Ferguson] to Jason Momoa. And so the sizing array is — you can see it like a sliding scale, every single form and dimensions has to seem good and be at ease and do stunts.

“When Timothée place it on the first time, he was like, ‘Oh my God, this is astounding!’ and he received down on the flooring like a spider — because he’s extremely fluid in his movement, and pretty agile. And Rebecca as effectively, she had to do fights, and she was instantly executing roundhouse kicks and spinning all-around. It assisted us. We realized with them.”

Equally West and Morgan emphasize how significantly of their plan of Dune’s long term wardrobe was encouraged by the earlier — not just aesthetically, but in the way future people would adapt to desert life in considerably the very same way they constantly have. The designers appeared at how men and women dress for the desert in Morocco and Jordan. They looked at Bedouin society and wardrobe, and the ways trying to keep awesome was a make any difference of life and death — just one that will very likely be related to extra and additional folks, given Earth’s changing local weather.

“It was these a prophetic piece, Dune.” West says. “With all the temperatures this summer, and forest fires — you could visualize stillsuits likely into generation.”

Dune: Component A single is now in theaters and on HBO Max.

Originally posted 2021-11-11 12:32:58.