Random: Sakurai Seems To Be Finally Taking A Break From Smash Bros. Development, With The PS5

Masahiro Sakurai

The last Tremendous Smash Bros. Supreme DLC fighter broadcast airs future 7 days on October 5th. So, how is the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai killing time till then? With the PlayStation 5, of class!

No, definitely – in his most recent social media post on Twitter, he is shared an impression of a PS5 DualSense Wi-fi controller. According to the Google translation, he’s upgraded to a 2TB SSD immediately after Sony’s modern firmware update for the method.

If you know about Sakurai’s love of gaming, it can be naturally no shock to see him with a PS5. We have formerly seen his extensive library of video match techniques in some Smash Bros. fighter reveal displays and he is obtained pretty the assortment:

A shot of Sakurai's setup in 2022. Just imagine it with a PS5 now...
A shot of Sakurai’s setup in 2022. Just envision it with a PS5 now…

It is really also been documented how he played 242 PlayStation video games in 2019. Woah!

Whilst most lovers think this is just Sakurai sharing an update about what he is been up to not too long ago, as typical, there are some enthusiasts out there who are reading into items – maybe a minimal way too a great deal.

Some of the speculation centered on this tweet appears to be to be suggesting the ultimate fighter will be a PlayStation agent – and some remarks are heading the extra mile, referencing Crash Bandicoot. Some others surface to be producing jokes about “PlayStation” and “SSD” being confirmed for battle.

Heck, for all we know he may be teasing a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Are you happy to see Sakurai is eventually getting some time out from Smash Bros. growth? Do you consider the above tweet is teasing anything? Share your individual ideas down beneath.