Valve’s next headset is apparently taking the Oculus Quest route, and won’t require a PC

It appears like Valve may possibly be functioning on a second VR headset as a successor to the Index, and this time it seems to be focusing on a standalone, wi-fi design that’d get the job done a lot more like on Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2.

Hints that the business that owns Steam is performing on this new hardware initially arrived from YouTuber Brad Lynch who located various references in Valve’s SteamVR code “Deckard” – a wonderful, sci-fi codename for the theoretical headset.

Ars Technica then posted additional proof pointing in the direction of the headset’s existence, validating the YouTuber’s discoveries.

Lynch noted that “Valve [has] been retooling the Deckard to operate with Steam VR for the past yr,” and that the different information found in the Steam VR databases – ranging from input profile references to evidence of notion data files – hint at a extra standalone style and design than what we’ve witnessed from Valve in the earlier.

The headset may perhaps also have wireless connectivity by using Wi-Fi, and may well use the very same semi-personalized AMD processor that we’ll be viewing in the Steam Deck units when they ship afterwards this 12 months. A Valve FAQ does be aware that the Pc/console hybrid is “not optimized” for VR, having said that Valve famous in an interview with The Verge that the chip is “quite relevant to us and our upcoming options.” Hmm.

It makes feeling that Valve wishes to horn in on Facebook’s quality wi-fi heasdset VR racket – our own Tom Orry was so impressed by the newest VR headset that he opined that you could “forget about PS5 and Xbox Series X if you want a future-gen wow” due to the fact “Oculus Quest 2 is your most effective selection”. Higher praise in truth!